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Why do parents and students choose Smart Tuition

  1. We are a Singapore registered business

    We are a legal Singapore business registered with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority Singapore (ACRA) and we own a DBS corporate bank account. We are serious in the business.
  2. Trusted by parents, tutors and organisations

    We have been in the business since year 2011. Smart Tuition Singapore is a popular name that you can trust. Our continuous operation/survival depends a lot on referrals by parents and tutors; we have been creating great rapport with them. We are affiliated to non-profit Singapore websites such as Smoke For What and We are going to melt in Singapore soon. We have helped Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) (restructured and renamed to Ministry of Social and Family Development), to find home tutors for needy students. We have also provided contents for magazines such as Young Families (a magazine that was distributed free to students from PAP's PCF kindergartens) and Singapore's Child (a parenting magazine that focuses on education topics for parents of school-going children from pre-school to primary level).
  3. We provide free services

    We find dedicated home tutors for parents/students who are looking for long-term (more than 3 months) tuition for free. There is no hidden fee. All you have to do is to pay the home tutor for his or her tuition fee accordingly to the tuition rate that both of you agree to, and nothing else. We are able to do this because we collect a portion of the tutors' tuition fees as commission.
  4. We understand the education structure in Singapore

    Our team consists of members from the educational field, experienced tutors and parents, and understand the education structure in Singapore. For example, a mother of three children (that's Tricia... sheesh...!) who has experienced the selections of schools will be able to better advise you regarding the education system in Singapore.
  5. Our coordinators are trustworthy and responsible

    Our coordinators are mostly friends and relatives whom we know and trust, and are spending their best effort to help people. They work with us and earn through commission by helping parents/students and tutors who have approached us on their own accords - we do not collect subscription fee from them to work as coordinators and we do not need them to source for their own clients.
  6. Better working "environment" for coordinators

    Our coordinators work from home at their own pace. They are advised to take up assignments only when they are available. We don't force them to have any quota. Generally, when people have freedom and are being respected, they will better enjoy the work that they do and thus doing a better job. In this case, they will be able to find better matches for all parents/students and tutors.
  7. There is no obligation

    If you do not like the home tutors that we have recommended, you can simply reject them. We do not force you to accept any home tutor. There is no hard selling.
  8. We gather our tutors legally

    All our home tutors have signed up through our website on their own accord. Over the years, even though some tutors have quit, our tutor base continues to expand due to daily new sign-ups. We do not and do not need to buy/rent database from unknown sources like some tuition agencies.
  9. We verify our home tutors

    We examine the credibility of our home tutors by checking on soft copies of their credentials. During the first lesson, the confirmed home tutor is required to bring along the original copies of the document. Do read our home tutor verification page for more details.
  10. We have a rating and feedback system to distinguish our tutors

    We judge our tutors through various ways, such as how they submit their document for verification and how they interact with us. We do phone interview with them if they are suitable for any tuition assignment. We get feedback from parents and students who have interacted with them. We take notes of the feedback and our interaction and observation of the tutors, so that every coordinator can find out about them before referring them to parents.
  11. We have varieties of home tutors with varieties of rates

    Our home tutors list consists of NIE certified teachers, ex and current school teachers, ex ITE college lecturers, full-time tutors, working professionals, undergraduates, polytechnic and 'A' level students from all over Singapore. Our home tutors are confident to assist students from the top schools to neighbourhood schools in Singapore, to improve their grades. You can choose from our list of very experienced and enthusiastic home tutors of your preferred gender, to suit your budget and personal tutoring needs.
  12. Better matching - we don't force tutors to take up assignments

    While parents/students have their own requirements and preferences, tutors have theirs too. We try our best to meet sure both parties are comfortable with each other's requirements and preferences, so that there will be lower chance of dropping out by either party.
  13. Our home tutors follow our rules

    All our home tutors adhere to our Code of Ethics. Once we receive any complaint from parents/students about any home tutor, we will investigate and take appropriate actions, such as blacklisting him/her.
  14. We cooperate with other Singapore tuition agencies

    We cooperate with other trusted Singapore tuition agencies we know by person. We also exchange information of black sheep.
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