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Private Tutor Singapore

When looking a private tutor in Singapore, there are some aspects of the private tutor you may need to take into consideration. In order to help you to make a good decision, we have listed the aspects of the private tutors parents have looked into or paid extra concern about. Different parents have different views on their ideal private tutors.
  1. Private Tutor's Gender

    A female student may not be comfortable with a male private tutor and same goes for a male student with a private tutor of a different gender.

    For safety reasons, parents usually seek for female private tutors for their daughters. In some cases, parents do select only male private tutors for their sons as well because they do not want their sons to "bully" the female tutor and disrupt the tuition lesson.

    After all, if you think your child can work better with private tutor of any gender, you should proceed to engage one of them.
  2. Private tutor's Tutoring Experience

    Tutoring experience may be one of the most important aspects of a private tutor. A private tutor who has taught many students before will be able to handle his/her students better in most cases. An experienced private tutor may be more familiar with the school syllabus through various interactions with his/her ex and current students. However, it does not mean that an inexperienced private tutor cannot do a good job as well.
  3. Private Tutor's Qualification

    Some parents demand for private tutors with high qualification such as master degree holders. With higher qualification, the private tutors are believed to be more learned and able to render greater assistance to the students. However, the number of private tutors with such high qualification is often seen rare.
  4. Private Tutor's Results

    A handful of parents pay high attention to the private tutors' past education results and some parents even expect straight As for the private tutors' GCE 'O' level results even though their children are merely in the primary school level. It is true enough that private tutors with good results in the tutoring subjects do comprehend the contents well but delivering the knowledge and technique is a different issue.
  5. Private Tutor's Previous Schools

    A small number of parents do look at the private tutors' ex schools. They believe private tutors from the top schools are academically stronger. We believe there are a higher percentage of good students in top schools but many other schools do produce great talents too.
  6. Private Tutor's Location

    Even though Singapore is a small island, it does require time to travel especially when the roads are often congested. Accessibility may help to reduce punctuality issue. Even though some private tutors may be very responsible and do not mind travelling, some parents specifically want the private tutors to stay near them.
  7. Private Tutor's Occupation

    Often, parents try to ask for NIE trained school teacher or full-time tutors. This is because school teachers are usually more familiar with the latest school syllabus. Whereas full-time tutors communicate with students often and probably know the syllabus quite well.

    Undergraduates may be suitable since the elapse of time they took the examinations is probably shorter and thus they can recall the contents better. Moreover, undergraduates are students themselves and they understand students better.
  8. Private Tutor's Nationality

    Some parents do demand for Singapore citizenship holders as their children's private tutors due to communication issue. Singaporeans are usually more familiar with the school syllabus as well. Nevertheless, some parents would choose PRC since their standard of Chinese is better.
  9. Private Tutor's Race

    Even though Singapore's main language is English, some parents prefer to engage private tutors of the same race so that it is easier to communicate with them in their mother tongue (second language). Some parents do request for private tutors of the different race. For instance, a Chinese parent may think that Indians are better in Mathematics and thus requesting for an Indian private tutor.
  10. Private Tutor's Availability

    Some parents do have odd and limited timing for the private tuition sessions. Other than full-time private tutors, most other private tutors are unable to commit to morning tuition sessions. Whereas full-time tutors may have existing students and thus it is harder to arrange a good time slot to fit both parties. This is one of the trickiest parts when both parents and private tutors have come to terms with each other, including the tuition rates.
Nevertheless, the tuition rates of the private tutors often depend on the criteria mentioned above. Therefore, parents should be more realistic when they are looking for a private home tutor.

If you need advice in engaging a suitable private tutor, feel free to consult Smart Tuition Singapore. Our tuition agency provides free private tutor matching services for all parents/students at no hidden cost.

(Absolutely free with no hidden cost!)

How do I know if I have chosen the right private tutor?

Getting a suitable private tutor for your child may sometimes require some luck because not all children like the same teaching style, and thus even the most popular private tutor may face difficulties when dealing with certain children. There are, however, some ways to judge if the private tutor suits your child. Please note that it may not be the private tutor's fault if there is a mismatch.
  1. Attitude

    Observe the words and tone that the private tutor uses. A child may be influenced easily at younger age and thus you may be concern about how the private tutor carries himself or herself.
  2. Professionalism

    Does the private tutor give excuses for going for the tuition lesson late or leaving earlier? Will the private tutor be committed enough to stay behind for an extra 5 minutes just to make sure your child has fully understood the lesson or finished the given work? Nevertheless, do not expect the private tutor to spend extra time often because he or she is paid by the time and it is fair enough that he or she has done her part in coaching your child.
  3. Communication

    After the private tutor leaves, you should try to test your child on some topics that the private tutor has covered. This is to test your child whether does he or she understands the private tutor's teaching.
  4. Rapport

    Does the private tutor create good rapport with your child? This is important because it will greatly affect the attitude of your child towards studying with the private tutor. However, please note that some children may need a longer time to get adapted to strangers. Depending on the character of your child, you may like to have a strict private tutor instead if he/she is too hyperactive.

Private Tutor Singapore by Skai Chan,
Ex-lecturer, Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College West, Singapore.

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