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Tuition Centre in Singapore

There are many tuition centres located all over Singapore. They are favourable to parents and students who are looking at a lower tuition fees (usually).

One advantage of having tuition lesson in a tuition centre is that they provide study material and even exams papers from various schools.

Having tuition in tuition centres is good for students who love or can perform better with competition.

There are, however, some differences between different tuition centres.

Tuition Fees

Usually, tuition fees are cheaper in tuition centres compared to one-to-one home tuition. However, there are some tuition centres with their proven track records that will charge students at a higher rate, which can even be more expensive than home tuition.

Free Study Materials

Some tuition centres may provide free study materials to their students, which include top schools' past year papers. There may be a special curriculum for the students to follow, which may be ahead of MOE school syllabus. This is a good way to boost students' confidence in the subjects during school lessons, which they are able to lead their classmates. Some tuition centres may act as a normal study group if they do not have such materials.

Maximum Sizes of Classes

The maximum number of students in each tuition centre's classes is different. Some may schedule over ten students in each class, while others prefer to keep the number to around six students per class so that the students can absorb better. The classroom management skill of the tutors may be taken into consideration.

Qualities of Tutors

There are various aspects of a tutor. Qualification and tutoring experience of the tutors may make a big difference. A tuition centre should employ tutors who at least have some tutoring experiences.

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