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Finding a private tutor?

Are you looking for a free one-stop service to find a private tutor for pre-school, primary school, secondary school or other tertiary level?

Are you looking for tuition that's going to be conducted at either (1) your location, (2) the tutor's location or (3) online?

Smart Tuition is a Singapore registered tuition agency that helps parents (and students) to find suitable private tutors (tuition teachers) catered for their personal needs. We also help adult learners to find private tutors for foreign language and other courses.

We do our best to filter tutors who have registered with us through document verification, interviews and feedback from our existing clients. Hence, we are able to increase the chance of finding the most suitable tutor to coach you or your loved one.

Do you know why do parents and students choose us?

What's the catch?


We are delighted to help you find a suitable tutor for long-term tuition (more than three months). This is done at no additional cost from the actual tuition fee.

We sustain our services by commissioning the first two tutoring weeks' tuition fee (50% of the first month) from your chosen tutor.

How to get a tutor from us?

You request for
a tutor
You select
the tutor
You pay for
the tuition fee
  1. You request for a tutor
    You state your requirements and preferences, including budget, by filling up the request for a tutor form.

    (We will search our database for suitable tutors and check with them if they are willing and available to take up the tuition assignment. Then, we present them to you in a list and advise you.)
  2. You select the tutor
    You make your choice from the suitable tutors we recommend - there's no obligation - we do not force you to take up any tutor.
  3. You pay for the tuition fee
    After two weeks of lesson, you pay the tuition fee to us (we commission it from the tutor). Subsequently, you pay the tuition fee to the tutor directly.
Since one of our coordinators will be your only point of contact to advise you on suitable tutors, you can rest assured that you won't be bothered by various individuals, as compared to you looking for one by your own.

Can I choose a specific tutor?

home tutor Kah keat home tutor xing home tutor Xing Yuan home tutor Shi Jia home tutor Aaron home tutor Wei Yi home tutor Wong home tutor Darren
(above: randomly generated private tutors from our list)

You can also browse through our list of registered home tutors and request for a specific tutor directly. However, it is subject to their availabilities. Each tutor also has his/her personal preferences, including the tuition fee, and we do not force any tutor to take up any tuition assignment.

Since it takes time for a selected tutor to get back to us to confirm his/her availability, it is best that you leave the selecting job to us in order to speed up the process.

How do tutors get tuition assignments from us?

Only tutors who have registered with us will be considered and attended to. There are three ways a registered tutor can get tuition assignments from our tuition agency:
  1. Our coordinators see a suitable match between you and the student, and contact you.
  2. Parents/students select you directly after viewing your public profile (you can switch it on/off any time).
  3. You apply for individual assignments directly from our tuition assignments list.
Since the ratio of the number of registered home tutors is much higher than the number of available tuition assignments, it is advisable for every tutor to subscribe to the free daily tuition assignments updates in order to apply for the new assignments.

Free printable Singapore calendar planner and other resources

In our effort to help all Singapore students to find the best private home tutors, we also try to do more to contribute to the society. We are working on cool and useful stuffs for students, parents and tutors to download or use via our website. We sincerely hope that you will benefit from our tools and articles.

To date, we have done up tools like:
Calendar Planner with Singapore public holiday - printscreen
Printable Singapore Calendar Planner
2024 Singapore Calendar with Holidays (Landscape)
Singapore Calendar with Holidays
Printable Tuition Time Sheet
Printable Tuition Time Sheet
Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds
Desktop Wallpaper

You can use our simple and straightforward Tuition Fees Budget Calculator to plan your tuition fees budget.

We are still working on other tools and articles. We will be pleased if you can contribute ideas or ready-made gadgets to share with everybody.

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