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Are you wondering why do you have to fill in so much details during registration?
It actually takes only a few minutes to fill up the mandatory fields. You can update the "self introduction" field to outshine the other tutors after you sign up and receive your password to login. Be assured that we will not make you do useless things. All the fields are being researched and updated over times based on our experience and suggestions from tutors, and they are necessary.

Knowing you
You may be a very popular tutor or celebrity, but we likely do not know you in real person. We need to find out as much details as possible so that we match you with our tuition assignments. We also have to try our best to make sure the tutors that we recommend to our clients are trustworthy enough because most tuition lessons are to be conducted at the students' houses. Given that one day, you need to engage a tutor for a family member or friend, you also want to make sure you get to know more about the tutor first before allowing him/her to step into the house right?

Judging you
Our initial judgement on you is based on how you fill up the registration form. It can definitely tell us something about your character, sincerity, patience, English proficiency... etc.

We value your preferences too
Do note that when we are matching you with a tuition assignment, we have to make sure both the client (parent/student) and your preferences are met - we don't just look at the parent's requirements and preferences. Coordinating job is far more tedious than what you think.

Some clients have more preferences
Other than the basic preferences, some parents may want to know more details. It would be a great loss for both you and our tuition agency if the parent happens to be interested in your profile but we cannot get hold of you in time to answer some enquiries about you. Therefore, we rather have all tutors, including you, to fill up their particulars as detailed as possible so that we can reply to the parents immediately.

For example, your address
Your address is important to help us to judge the travelling distance and we always try hard to get tutors who stay near to the tutoring location (usually, the student's house). Furthermore, some clients are very particular about the distance because having the tutor staying near the tutoring location will reduce problems, such as lateness due to traffic jams. It doesn't mean that even if you don't mind travelling from the East to West of Singapore, clients won't mind.

Given the information, our system will be able to display the location graphically to assist our coordinators to do matching. In case of emergency, when we need to mail any document such as invoice or even cheque payment over, the information will come in handy.

Extra work but we have clear self conscience and satisfaction
Things could be so much easier - we have heard of agencies who don't require much details from the tutors and all they do is to mass send new tuition assignments to the tutors. However, we prefer to try our best to qualify each tutor before recommending to the clients. We can also ignore verification of document totally. All these would have saved us lots of manpower.

But hey, we are doing our best. Do your part too?

We may approve your profile even if it has problems but depending on the seriousness, we may deduct your rating or even blacklist you immediately. Of course, we will increase your rating instead if your profile looks promising or you follow the document verification instruction without error.

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