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We sustain our services by commissioning your first two tutoring weeks' tuition fee (50% of first month) for each successful match. We will collect the fee from the parent/student directly and thus you do not need to pay anything upfront.

Document Verification is Mandatory

Smart Tuition is well trusted by parents because we go to the extra miles to make sure our tutors are honest, sincere and passionate about tutoring. We are a Singapore registered business and require all registered tutors to submit their certificates/transcripts (home tutor verification) before we "release" any tuition assignment to them. We will not recommend any anonymous or arrogant tutor to our parents/students. This is one of the many reasons being a registered tutor with Smart Tuition can stand out from others. Even though we do have various features, such as self-updating of profile for parents/students to select you, do not treat us as a social network site that you can simply register without identifying yourself. Therefore, if you do not intend to submit your document, please do not sign up.

  1. You can edit (or remove) your profile after sign-up to fill in more details
  2. Tips for filling up a web form
  3. Why are the home tutors' details required?

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Please go through our service agreement and privacy policy pages and click the button below if you agree to them.

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