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Smart Tuition's Privacy Policy & Data Protection

Smart Tuition respects the privacy of our clients (parents and students), job seekers (tutors), business partners, employees and visitors of the website. We do our best to secure and manage the information collected from you.

This Privacy Statement is written to establish a mutual understanding between you and Smart Tuition, and is subjected to amendments from time to time without prior notice. Please read through this page before you use this website or provide us with any information.

By visiting Smart Tuition website, you agree to the practices stated in this privacy policy.

Other information provided

During the use of Smart Tution website, some information will be collected, other than using of the web form. For example, your browser's information and your IP address. Your information is essential to aid us in providing better services and also to stop spammers' attacks.

Usage of your information

When using any of our services, you may be asked to provide us with personal information such as your name, contact details and preferences. The information collected is used for contacting you and matching a tuition assignment to link up students (tutees) and tutors. Potential clients and tutors have the rights to know all details given by any of the parties, including financial difficulties and illnesses.

No information collected from you will be sold or shared with third parties.

Protection of clients and limitation

Smart Tuition tries our best to protect our clients against frauds and for their physical well-being (due to strangers entering the houses and possibly, handling the student alone at times). Therefore, we try to verify the credentials of the tutors who are supposed to state their qualification and grades, so that they won't overclaim the statuses, and also have their document ready to submit to the authority (for example, Singapore Police Force) when necessary.

Unfortunately, due to PDPA, we are unable to collect the full IC numbers (the only unique lifetime information of any Singapore resident) anymore as of 1st September 2019. Therefore, our protection system, including blacklisting, may not be foolproof anymore.

We have done our best since the first day of operation, and we will continue to do our best.

Protection of your information

Smart Tuition is using a reputable Singapore webhost, Vodien, whose server is based in Singapore. It's also used by government linked entities and big local corporation like Singapore Post, People's Association, Ministry of Home Affairs, Singtel, Great Eastern... etc. This is a big contrast to much cheaper webhosts based in other countries. We believe in its security team and its 24/7 support are one of the best in Singapore.

Clients' (parents/students) requests will be posted to the website as tuition assignments for tutors to apply for. No contact detail will be displayed on the pages, except for the area of tutoring location, up to the block number. This means that anyone would have to contact us in order to reach them.

Tutors can allow the public, including clients (parents and students), to view their individual profiles by enabling "Public Listing" feature at any point of time by logging into their accounts. The public profile pages are designed to exclude contact detail of the tutors as clients are supposed to contact us directly instead.

Protection of your document

Smart Tuition depends on emailing system to receive document instead of creating a web interface in order to reduce security vulnerability due to possible inadequate strong coding for such feature. Since email servers, like GMail and Yahoo Mail, have strong teams behind them, we trust the big companies.

We encourage tutors to embed a text, for example "for Smart Tuition verification only", on the document before submission, so that the document will be only usable for Smart Tuition.

Smart Tuition does not send or share the document with anyone - not even to the clients (parents/students). We also minimise the accessibility to the document to only our administration team, which means that even our tuition coordinators are not able to view the document, unless they make a special request due to suspicion.

Retaining of information

At any point of time, both you or Smart Tuition is able to terminate the services; however, some information will be retained in our database. This is to prevent abuse of our services and spammers' attacks. We are also obligated to provide the information to any of the Singapore government agencies, such as the Singapore Police Force, should it requires.

Scope of coverage

Our website may link to other websites, which may have different privacy policy from us. Please kindly view their privacy statements if you are looking at any external website.

Search bots and spiders' information crawling

Do note that any content that is available to the public will also be viewable by search bots of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. At any point of time, tutors can disable "Public Listing", however, Smart Tuition has no control over the caching of contents by the search engines.

If you have further doubts about your privacy, feel free to contact us at any point of time.

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