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Stress Management - Coping with Stress

Stress Management - Coping with Stress
(Stress coping before and during exams)

Coping with Stress before the exams:

Coping Stress Mentally - Think positive before the exam. Plan to pass, not to worry about failing the exam. Evaluate your readiness for the paper. List down the problems you are facing currently that have been bothering you. Tackle each problem with at least a solution. You may approach your best friend, family or even the school teacher or lecturer to talk about the problem. However, remember to choose a person who is usually more positive thinking and also has earned your respect.

Coping with Stress, Forgetting about Unforeseeable Failure

Firstly, create a study schedule plan and stick as closely to the plan as possible. You may like to use the Printable Timetable and Printable Singapore Calendar Planner to help you with all the planning. This will keep you ready for the exam paper! Do collect the necessary materials for your revision. If you prefer to study with a group of friends, initiate it - you are not going to fighting alone. If there is any doubt during your revision, do read through again and ask around.

Another method is to imagine the source of your stress and focus on overcoming it for yourself. Start imagining things that you are afraid of, such as visualizing the exam room in your mind. Cope with the stress and if you manage to overcome it, you can do it the same in reality during your actual exam day.

You may want to take up some relaxation techniques in order to further cope with your stress. Stay calm by using regular slow breathing method. Release the pressure and tension out of your body by taking a walk or break, keeping yourself occupied with some short activities. By working out for twenty minutes daily consistently, you can keep your mind clearer and focus on your target. You have to be organized and abide by your planned schedule on the Printable Singapore Calendar Planner or Printable Timetable. Highlight your own capabilities such as knowledge and skill and tell yourself you are going to do well.

You may also want to engage a private home tutor to guide you along to increase your confidence. The home tutor can help you to reduce time wastage due to searching for answers. With more time and definite solutions, you can cope with your stress better.

Last but not listed, the most important point is to have enough sleep and rest.

Coping with Stress During the Exam:

Concentration is the key factor to succeed, whereby, you also need to keep your calmness through the exam paper. Control your breathing as well. Calm breathing can help to deal with stressful situations and get you back to your normal self. Do not ever lose your calmness at any point of time.

Deal with the easy questions first. This will reduce the chance of you being stressed up right at the start of the paper. It will also help to build up your confidence in answering the paper. When you are running out of time for the tougher questions, reduce the pressure by controlling and slowing down your breathing. While doing this, imagine that you are exhaling the stress and pressure out of your body.

Stress Management Conclusion:

The tips given regarding coping with stress will help you to manage your stress but you have to study hard in order to pass or score well in your exam!

For better productivity using your laptop, do try using our free desktop wallpaper backgrounds to help keeping your desktop organised, which is likely to reduce some stress. You can also try taking up some yoga classes to help keeping your mind clear.

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