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Tuition Time Sheet - Printable in PDF

Why Need a Tuition Time Sheet?

One of the greatest issues that may happen in private home tuition is the confusion over the number of tuition sessions. Both tutor and student or parent will take note and keep track of the number of tuition session. However, there may be negligence on either side.

Cause of Negligence

Despite private home tuition is usually conducted on the same days of the week, some sessions may be postponed or cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. This is one of the causes of the dispute.

Usage of Tuition Time Sheet

Printable Tuition Time Sheet In order to avert the confusion, Smart Tuition Singapore has proposed a time sheet system for all home tutors, parents and students. At the end of every tuition session, both tutor and student (or parent) will sign on the time sheet to acknowledge that the tuition session is conducted. Since the payee is the home tutor, he will keep the tuition time sheet.

How Does the Tuition Time Sheet Help?

With black and white, we hope to resolve conflicts of the number of tuition sessions such that it will be beneficial to both all home tutors, students and parents.

Tuition Time Sheet Format

We have also proposed a tuition time sheet format for all home tutors to download. It is set to be printed in an A4 sized paper in a single page, and thus it is absolutely convenient and portable. In order to reduce the file size for easy download, we have converted the EXCEL timesheet into PDF format.

Download Tuition Time Sheet

Download Printable Time Sheet
(in PDF format, 37.2 KB)
(Right click and choose "save as" on link)

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