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Home Tuition in Singapore

History of Home Tuition in Singapore

Home tuition in Singapore used to be established mainly through recommendation by friends or relatives. When a student needed a home tutor, usually determined by the parents, the parents would ask around their circles of friends and relatives to seek for a good home tutor. Usually, neighbours were good candidates for home tutors for they stayed nearby. Parents were pleased enough to be able to find a home tutor who would charge a low amount of tuition fees. Parents in the past cared less for the qualification of Singapore home tutors.

Why is it necessary for Home Tuition in Singapore?

Home tuition used to be mainly for students with weaker grades in school. As more parents are educated, they realize home tuition has become a necessity in this highly competitive society. Due to the lack of school teachers, the class sizes of government schools (primary and secondary schools) are usually large and thus making school teachers unable to focus enough on all students. The lack of one to one attention is bound to cause some weaker students to drift away from the progress of their classmates. It is also critical to maintain the results of students with average or better grades and home tuition will definitely aid the students to not only keep up with current progress but also excel further.

How to become a Home Tutor in Singapore?

At this point of time, a home tutor in Singapore needs no certification from any government sector or institute. It is up to each individual student or parent to choose a home tutor of certain qualification. The most commonly sought Singapore home tutors are undergraduates (undergrad) who are currently pursuing their degree and have already obtained their Singapore GCE 'A' Level certificate.

Latest Trend for Home Tuition in Singapore

Finding a good home tutor in Singapore is never as troublesome and abrupt as in the past. By engaging a Singapore tuition agency's services, parents and students have little to worry about. They simply need to give the tuition agency their particulars and the requirements of their ideal home tutor, the tuition agency in Singapore will help them to search for required home tutors, and furthermore, filter the home tutors based on suitability using the tuition agency's experience, before recommending the selected home tutors to the parents and students. Smart Tuition Singapore, one of the most popular Singapore tuition agencies, does not charge the parents and students any fee for this tuition assignment matching service; there is absolutely no hidden cost.

How do Tuition Agencies in Singapore Operate?

A tuition agency in Singapore acts as a middleman between Singapore home tutors and parents/students. Most Singapore tuition agencies function almost similarly. The business revenue is from home tutors who will give the tuition agency part of their tuition fees earning as commission. Most Singapore tuition agencies charge commission of half of the first month's tuition fees. Smart Tuition Singapore, however, provides more extra services by listing the immediate tuition assignments for home tutors to browse through, and also a Singapore home tutors listing page for parents/students to select their ideal home tutors. This is a form of transparency Smart Tuition Singapore wishes to showcase to Singapore, or perhaps, the entire world. Smart Tuition Singapore also takes the lead in Singapore tuition industry to advise home tutors and parents/students to start using tuition time sheet to reduce conflicts between home tutors and parents/students. To further contribute to the society, Smart Tuition Singapore also takes efforts and time to design, produce and provide useful tools, information and articles for everyone.

Home Tuition in Singapore by Skai Chan,
Ex-lecturer, Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College West, Singapore.

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