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Tuition Agencies in Singapore

What are tuition agencies?

A tuition agency acts as a middleman for both private tutors and parents/students. Private tutors sign up as the tuition agency's tutors while parents/students request private tutors from the tuition agency. The tuition agency will match both of them using their requirements and preferences.

Why should parents engage Singapore tuition agencies?

It is easy to find a private tutor but finding a suitable private tutor is a totally different issue.

In the olden days, parents used to find private tutors for their children through referral from friends or neighbours, and sometimes even from the newspaper. In the modern days, there is another source of referral for private tutors, which is the internet. Parents can post their requests in forums and there will be many responses.

Throughout the process of finding a private tutor, there will be many calls, SMSes or emails from private tutors and it is absolutely time-consuming. There are occurances that after a private tutor is appointed, the parents realise that they have made a wrong choice. This will not only waste the effort of the parents but also slow down the progress of assisting the students.

A tuition agency can be the main point of contacts for the parents. Through the tuition agency’s list of private tutors, a number of filtered candidates can be found within a short period of time.

Why should private tutors register under tuition agencies?

In the current Singapore tuition market, the number of private home tutors is far higher than the number of available tuition assignments. It is therefore not easy for a private tutor to obtain enough immediate tuition assignments on his own due to the high competition; many part-time tutors cannot even get a single tutoring job.

Since many parents/students go to Singapore tuition agencies to request for private tutors, there are many tuition agency assignments available and thus making it easier for private tutors to obtain a tuition assignment. For a full-time tutor, it is even more crucial to secure more tuition assignments.

What is the charge of tuition agencies in Singapore?

It is therefore crucial that you seek for a reliable tuition agency like Smart Tuition Singapore that has no hidden charge – only a one-time 50% commission of the first month’s tuition rate from the tutor.

Tuition Agencies Singapore by Skai Chan,
Ex-lecturer, Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College West, Singapore.

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