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Tips to increase your chance of securing tuition assignments:

We create the platform, tutors make themselves shine.
  1. Make effort to update your profile

    We have a rating system for all tutors. If your profile looks very sincere and impressive, we will increase your rating so that your profile will appear before others when our coordinators are looking for tutors to take up new tuition assignments. We do look at accuracy of information to judge our tutors.

    Parents who request for specific tutors are most likely to choose tutors who have better profiles, especially in their self-introduction section.
  2. Submit your documents for verification

    Tutors who have already submitted their documents will be listed before the rest. As a trusted tuition agency, we will only release tuition assignments to verified tutors, which means that you have to submit your documents eventually if you are interested in taking up any tuition assignment.

    If you are not preparing to submit your documents, which we have stated in various webpages in our website, including the registration page, you are simply wasting both our time.
  3. Upload a photo

    We reward tutors who make extra effort to upload their photos by listing them before the rest. There is also a much higher chance for parents to select tutors with a photo in their profiles. Most parents simply want to have rough idea of the tutor's appearance and different parents may expect a tutor with a strict or lenient look for their child. Just be yourself!

    If you are worried about your looks, think about this: the parents and students will eventually get to see you and you will not want to be rejected by them right after the first lesson.
  4. Login once in a while

    This will allow both the system and our coordinators to know that you still actively looking for tuition assignments. It is not necessary to login daily as it will not make too much of a difference, but do not idle for months.
After all, it depends on various factors to secure a tuition assignment. There are also peak and non-peak periods for number of request for home tutors, which will also affect your chance. If you are having problems getting a tuition assignment after applying the tips above, do consider lowering your expectation, such as the tuition fee or preference of student's gender. Good luck!

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