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Our dedicated team has decided to work on Mathematics resources that are useful to both our clients and our tutors.

Exit Passes that we have designed are based on the Singapore Mathematics curriculum. Exit passes give students bite-sized exam-type questions to check on their understanding of various sub-topics.

The Rating Scale is a platform for students to indicate how confident they are with the sub-topic by shading the appropriate emoticon. This will give tutors an indication of how confident the students are with the sun-topic taught.

The Exit Passes are currently free to download, but we certainly hope that you will help us by following us and giving us a rating at our store. This will allow us to continue to improve on the resources that we have designed.

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"Literacy is not, as it is considered in our schools, a PORTION of education. It IS education. It is at once the ability AND the inclination of the mind to find knowledge, to pursue understanding, and out of knowledge and understanding, not out of received attitudes and values or emotional responses, however worthy, to make judgments." - Richard Mitchell

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