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Singapore Tuition Fees Rates Guide

Tuition Fees Rate Table

Student Level
Tutor Qualification
'A' Level / Diploma Uni under-grad Full-time Tutors (degree holders) NIE Trainee NIE-trained Current / Ex School teachers
Pre-school15 - 2020 - 3025 - 3020 - 3030 - 40
Pri 1 - 315 - 2520 - 3525 - 4020 - 3530 - 45
Pri 4 - 615 - 3025 - 3530 - 5025 - 3535 - 50
Sec 1 / 220 - 3025 - 4030 - 5025 - 4540 - 60
Sec 3 / 4 / 520 - 3525 - 4035 - 6030 - 5040 - 70
ITE20 - 4025 - 4535 - 6030 - 6050 - 90
A Level / Diploma-30 - 7035 - 7035 - 7060 - 120

- All tuition rates are quoted in SGD (Singapore dollars) per hour.
- Tuition rates table may be updated without prior notice accordingly to the tuition market in Singapore.

There's no obligation! You pay only for the lesson attended.

Do Not be Shortchanged

Always be sure that you are paying for the correct tutor who has obtained the specific qualification you have requested for, by making sure that your tuition agency does tutor verification work. Do request the tutor to bring along his/her original documents during the first lesson for your self verification.

Some tuition agencies may even request their tutors to lie about their qualification in order to secure the tutoring jobs with little effort. If you have experienced such scam, do contact us with the details so that we can blacklist the unethical tuition agency and share with other Singapore tuition agencies.

Notes for Tuition Fees Guides

The home tuition fees ranges for private tutors (tuition teachers) serve only as a guide. The actual tuition fees may vary depending on individual tuition assignment due to factors such as qualification of tutors, tutors' experiences, location of tuition, number of subjects, demand for the tutors and others.

Individual Subject's Tuition Rates

Some people have been searching for particular subject's tuition fees rate, such as the Maths tuition rates in Singapore. The individual subjects, such as Maths, English, Science or even Chinese, are usually of the same tuition rate, however, being differentiated by the level. Some home tutors may expect a different tuition rate for different subjects though, but do refer to the Tuition Fees Rate Table above for the general guideline.

Be Realistic About Tuition Fee

Please be very realistic with the tuition rate that you are offering. Tutors with high qualification or experience, or are highly demanded will not take up tutoring jobs with low tuition fees.

If you have a lower budget than the tuition rates above, you can still contact us and provide us with your tuition requirements and difficulties. We will assess the information and give you advice.

Some home tutors may be willing to accept tuition assignments that offer lower tuition rates if they are staying very near the students' houses. There are also other situations, which home tutors are willing to accept lower tuition rates.

Request for a Reliable Home Tutor

To engage a private home tutor (we do not charge for this service), please fill up the request for tutor form or you may contact Tricia at 9621-0701 (please leave a voicemail or SMS if we cannot attend to you immediately).

There is no obligation. Once we find a suitable home tutor who matches your requirements (and if his/her requirements are met as well), we will contact you with his/her particulars. You have the right to reject any home tutor.

Tool: Plan Your Tuition Fees Budget

You may be interested in using our Tuition Fees Budget Calculator to estimate the budget you have to set for the tuition sessions; and also, find out more about how to plan your tuition fees budget.

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