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Maths (Mathematics) Tuition in Singapore

Singapore Maths Tuition Levels

- Primary Maths Tuition
- Secondary Maths Tuition (A-Maths, E-Maths)
- 'A' Level Maths Tuition (H1 Maths, H2 Maths, H3 Maths)
- Other levels' Maths Tuition (Polytechnic, University)

Is your child getting bad grades for his or her Maths (Mathematics) test and exam? Is your child's upcoming major Maths exam worrying you? Is your child on the verge of being forced to drop A-Maths by his or her maths school teacher? Are you afraid that your child's Maths grade will drop?

If you have answered "yes" to any of the questions above, your child is indeed in need of a Maths home tutor.

Maths is one of the most challenging subjects that students would face, especially during primary and secondary school level. Maths is also one of the most important subjects for GCE 'O' level for many courses in polytechnic require at least a pass for it. Even though maths is one of the easiest subjects to score well, many students are having difficulties in even passing the subject. Therefore, maths tuition is one of the most common tuition in Singapore.

Why would you want to waste the chance of your child getting a better position in class? Do not worry that others might claim that you are a "kiasu" (afraid to lose) parent if you want to get a private maths tutor for your child. There is nothing wrong with engaging a home tutor. Maths tuition in Singapore is one of the most highly demanded tuition in Singapore because of its importance and hence it is a necessity to engage a private maths tutor to help your child to perfect the subject.

How to Get Good Grades for Maths?

There are two methods to improve results for Maths.
- Practise makes perfect
- Take the lead

Practise makes perfect

As straightforward as it is, your child can obtain good Maths results by doing more revision. Since Maths involves a lot on applying concepts, practising helps a lot. The more he does, the better understanding he will get.

Take the lead

Study one or two chapters ahead the school syllabus. This does not only help your child to absorb the school teacher's teaching better, it also increases his confidence and fighting spirit. Taking the lead means your child is moving ahead his classmates and therefore, will be proud of himself. He will try to maintain the lead and thus will be more hardworking. Moreover, the school lessons would act as revision, which help to reinforce the concepts into your child's mind. In many cases, students under-perform due to peer pressure when they mistake that they are slower than others. They may try to seek help from classmates who appear to absorb the concepts quicker and eventually become over-dependent.

Nevertheless, getting a private Maths tutor for your child can help to bring out the effect of both studying methods mentioned above. Most students are lack of discipline and a private tutor can help to push them. By assigning homework to your child, he has the obligation to complete them and thus able to practise applying the Maths concepts. The Maths tutor will increase the productivity of your child by teaching and answering his doubts. In this way, your child will take less time to learn more. Furthermore, a private home tutor can relay his experience to your child and give him tips and point out common mistakes.

Find a Suitable Maths Tutor

Smart Tuition Singapore specialises in Maths tuition of all levels. Whether it is a primary 2 Maths tuition or H2 Maths tuition ('A' level maths), we have many experienced maths tutors to conduct maths home tuition with your child. Our maths tutors are ready to provide one to one or even small group maths tuition at the comfort of your house with undivided attention for all maths students. They are passionate about raising the maths standard of Singapore students by delivering their personal knowledge through experience to the needy students.

(Absolutely free with no hidden cost!)

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