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Miao Ling (Yee)   |   Tutor ID: 8367


Highest qualification verified: 'A' level

Home tutor - Miao Ling


Gender: female
Age: 33
Nationality: Singaporean
Race: chinese
Tutoring Experience: 12 years

Education History

Highest Qualification: 'A' level
NIE trained: No
Integrated Programme: Integrated Programme
Secondary School: Raffles Girls' School (Secondary)
Junior College / Polytechnic: Raffles Junior College (General Paper, Economics, Geography)
University: Nanyang Technological University Singapo (Bachelor of Engineering in Information E)
(Currently attending)
Results: 'O' Level
Higher Chinese- A2
English - B/2.8
Mathematics - B/2.8
Geography - A/3.6
Social Studies - A/3.6
Biology - B+/3.2
Physics - B+/3.2
Chemistry - D/1.6

'A Levels'
General Paper - A
Economics - B
Geography - C


Minimal Expected Rate: $25
Student's Gender: No preference
Tutoring Location: West, Central/City, East
Teaching IP Students: IP only

Tutoring Subjects

Pre-School: -
Primary School: English, Maths, Science
'O' Level: A Maths, Biology, Biology/Chemistry, Chemistry, E Maths, English, Geography, Physics, Physics/Chemistry, Science (lower sec), Social Studies
'A' Level: Economics, General Paper (GP), Geography
Polytechnic and above: Computing
Music: -
Foreign Language: English as a Foreign Language, Mandarin as a Foreign Language

Self Introduction

I have more than 5 years of experience, teaching students from primary level to JC. I will usually teach the students tips in order to score as high marks as possible in exams. I will prepare your children according to the MOE syllabus and teach them how to answer the questions, according to the marking schemes of major exams, in order to score as high marks as possible.

Besides assessment books, I also often give my students practice questions, focusing on exam-oriented questions, which I've picked out for additional practices. I'll also print out notes for students for various subjects. For students taking national exams, I will usually print out past year papers from other schools for them to practice on.

I definitely always come prepared even for the first lesson, which is why I often tell agencies to give me at least a few days preparation before the first lesson.

Recently, I've also started creating my own study guides, with checklists and practices, for the various O Level subjects. It's a pretty big undertaking, so hopefully I can be done within a few months.

My teaching style is generally very informal, so most of my students treat me an older friend here to teach them, rather than a teacher. However I can be strict towards my students, if it comes down to it. Most of my long-time students engaged my tutoring services in Primary School (PSLE). They felt comfortable and confident in my teaching methods and continued tuition into Secondary School.

I usually motivate students by trying to frame things in real life and use different techniques to help students understand concepts, depending on their learning style. So for example, if a student is more receptive to mnemonics , I will try to use easy to remember mnemonics to help them remember formulas or terms. I try to link concepts and ideas within each topic with other topics in the syllabus to help students understand why something is important and how they can use their knowledge across topics, because very often that's how exam questions are usually set actually.

I've taught many different types of students before, including foreign students, such as a student from China (Coleman College), a student from Korea (Singapore American School). I've also had experiences teaching ADHD students as well.

Khatijatul Kubrah
Outram Secondary School
-Maths and Combine Science (Chemistry). -Very engaging and goes an extra mile and helps me with my ither subjects too. Uses creative ideas so that i am able to memorise a certain formula. I have improved tremendously from the starting of the year till now especially my maths. I was getting F9 and for my prelims i got B4.

Helena Woo
Queensway Secondary School
My 2nd Son got Miao Ling Yee to tutor him in his retake of the JC General Paper years back. His grade improved to a B and we were very thankful! Miao Ling also has the ability and patience to teach all levels , from Primary to Tertiary. Hence, we also got her to tutor my youngest Son, then in his upper Primary levels and follow up till his Secondary levels now. Subjects tutored are English and Mathematics. He has been consistently obtaining good grades in both subjects. Miao Ling is a very dedicated and conscientious tutor. She makes an effort in her presentation of the subjects' core concepts and prepares her lessons very well. Miao Ling does not hesitate to spend more time beyond lesson hours, to ensure my youngest Son understands what has been taught. Miao Ling also goes the extra mile to check with him on other subjects that she is not tutoring, on whatever queries that she can help. Miao Ling is indeeed the Sterling Tutor to go to, for your children's educational needs!

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"The only purpose of education is to teach a student how to live his life-by developing his mind and equipping him to deal with reality. The training he needs is theoretical, i.e., conceptual. He has to be taught to think, to understand, to integrate, to prove. He has to be taught the essentials of the knowledge discovered in the past-and he has to be equipped to acquire further knowledge by his own effort." - Ayn Rand

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