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Available Tuition Assignments in Singapore

Code Tutoring Level Subject G Student's Race Tuition Rate Location TG TMQ Apply


Pre-School (group of 3 siblings) Chinese French chinese $35-40 Kovan Residence a details


Primary 2 English & Maths f SG chinese $25 Punggol Edgedale Plains f bac details


Primary 6 English, Math, Chinese, Science m SG chinese $30 Blk 315b Anchorvale Road details


Primary 2 English maths and chinese m Chinese $20-35 Pasir Ris 519856 f details


Primary 1 English & Math m SG chinese $40 Bkk 338 Clementi Ave 2 details


Primary 6 Maths & Science f SG chinese $40-50 Bik18 Marine Terrace f bac details


Primary 3 Maths & Higher Chinese m SG chinese $25 Blk 5 Boon Keng Road f details


JC 1 Project Work m SG chinese $60 Tampine Street 71 a details


Sec 4E Mathematics f SG chinese $30 Buangkok Link f details


Primary 2 Chinese m Phillipino $15 Pasir ris 510275 details


Primary 6 Math f SG malay $35 Clementi Avenue 3 a details


Sec 4E French f SG indian $tbc The Beverly, 47 Toh Tuck Road f bac details


Primary 3 English, Higher Chinese, Math & Science f SG chinese $15 Blk 256 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 f details


Sec 1 Science and Maths f Chinese $30-35 woodland 730112 details


Primary 6 English m Chinese $30 Kim Tian Road 126C 163126 details


Primary 6 (tuition centre group of 5) English, Maths, Science m $35 Tampines bac details


Year 9 Chinese As Second Language m Japanese $30 24 Simei Street 1, Melville Park details


Sec 2 Maths m SG indian $20-25 Woodlands Circle details


Primary 1 Mandarin f SG African $10 Woodlands Drive 16 f dip details


JC 2 General Paper m SG chinese $35 Blk 337c Tah Ching Road m a details


Primary 6 English, Maths, Science f SG chinese $20 Blk 348 Ubi Ave 1 f a details


Pre-School English & Math f SG chinese $25 15b Balmoral Road, Belmond Green f dip details


Primary 3 English & Chinese m MY chinese $20 Woodlands Dr 62 f details


Primary 5 Chinese - Essay Writing m MY chinese $20 Woodlands Dr 62 f details


IP 1 Sciences m SG chinese $35 Edgefield Plains details


JC2 H2 Maths f Korean $40-50 Blk 63 Marine Drive (Near Parkway Parade) f bac details


Sec 3E Combined Science & English m SG chinese $20 Blk 507 West Coast Drive f a details


Sec 3 A & E-Math f SG Pakistani $35 78 Bayshore Road, costa del sol f a details


Primary 3 Maths & Science f SG chinese $30 Blk 635 Pasir Ris Dr 1 f bac details


Sec 3N E Maths f SG chinese $30 Jalan Baiduri (near East Coast Rd) f details


JC 2 Chemistry m SG chinese $50 Corporation Road details


Primary 6 English m Chinese $35 Bukit Timah f bac details


P5 English Chinese $25-30 Blk 941 Jurong West St 91 a details


Sec 2 Chinese m Chinese $25-30 Upper Serangoon View 534209 bac details


Primary 6 Chinese & Maths f SG chinese $35 Blk 323 Tah Ching Road m details


Sec 3E Elective History f SG chinese $20-25 Blk 55, Havelock View f details


Primary 4 English m Russian $50 Blk 191 Aalto Meyer Road f bac details


Sec 2 Science chinese $25 Tampines St 91 a details


Primary 4 English, maths, science & chinese m SG chinese $30 Tampines 739 f a details


Primary 5 Chinese f SG Chinese $25 Upper Bukit Timah, Hazel Park Condo f dip details


Primary 5 Mathematics m SG malay $20 989c Jurong West Street 93 f a details


P4 English/Maths/Science m Chinese $30 Blk 479 River Vally Road bac details


P2 English m Chinese $30-40 Sarengoon Garden details


Sec 2E Maths m SG chinese $15 323 Sembawang Close f o details


Pre-School English m China chinese $30 Ardmore Park f bac details


Primary 6 (group of 2) Foundation Maths f SG malay $13 151 Yishun Street 11 dip details


Primary 6 (group of 4) English (standard) m SG chinese $13 151 Yishun St 11 dip details


sec 4 NA Combined humanities SS/History f Chinese $25 Upp Thomsom 778905 f bac details


Sec 3E A Maths, E Maths, Chemistry, Physics f SG chinese $10 Toa Payoh details


Sec 1N Maths. English. Science m SG chinese $20 Blk 659b Jurong West St 65 a details


Primary 5 Science,maths & English m SG chinese $25-30 Margate Road (Mountbatten Rd) f bac details


Primary 3 English, Chinese, Maths & Science f SG chinese $15-20 218 Petir Road f dip details

G refers to Student's Gender

TG refers to Tutor's Gender

        f = Female only
        m = Male only
TMQ refers to Tutor's minimal qualification

        o = 'O' level
        a = 'A' level
        dip = Diploma
        bac = Bachelor
        mas = Master
        phd = PhD

How to Apply for the Singapore Tuition Assignments

  1. If you have not registered as a tutor, kindly do so.

    Smart Tuition Singapore is a trusted tuition agency and we have to look through all home tutors' profiles in order to qualify them before recommending them to the parents/students. By registering as a tutor, you provide us with your details and preferences so that we can do a proper matching for you and the parents/students.
  2. Log in your tutor account

    Login to your tutor account. You may be logged out automatically if you are inactive for more than 30 minutes.
  3. Look through the tuition assignments list

    Look for tuition assignments that you are confident enough to take up. You may have scored well in the subject but are you able to explain the logics and convey your learning technique to the student?
  4. Enter the individual tuition assignment page

    Click on the tuition assignment code to enter the individual tuition assignment page that you are interested in.
  5. Click the "Apply" button

    We will receive your application immediately in our tuition system. If you want to reassure yourself, you may visit the Application Status page.
* Please make sure you have done a good personal introduction inside your profile so that we can help to promote you better to the parents; otherwise, do login and start promoting yourself now in that section.

Notes for Tuition Assignments:

  1. All tuition assignments are subjected to a one-time 50% of first month tuition fee as commission from tutors, unless a different amount is stated for that particular tutoring job.
  2. All tuition rates are quoted in Singapore Dollar (SGD), and based on per hour if not specified.
  3. Details of each tuition assignment may be updated without prior notice. Some parents do update their requirements after some time.
  4. In order to increase your chance of securing a tuition assignment, please do a good introduction (with your tutoring experience) and upload a presentable personal photo in your profile. You can login any time to update your profile.
  5. We do not guarantee you success for all application of the tuition assignments listed. We will find the most suitable tutor (best matches the student's requirements) for each tuition assignment within a timeframe. We believe this will benefit both home tutor and student most.
  6. Only shortlisted tutors will be contacted. There are too many applicants everyday and we have already spent time to develop a system so that tutors can login to check the statuses of their application. We are sorry about this!
  7. Some tuition assignments may be left here for some time while we wait for parents to get back to us. If you have applied for them, do consider taking up other suitable tuition assignments as well. However, please do not contact us regarding the status of your application because we would have reflected it.
  8. All tutoring jobs listed in the table above are available; all closed tuition assignments are already removed. When you click into the individual tuition assignment's page, you can see the status as well. Therefore, we will not entertain questions such as "Is this assignment xxxxxxx still available?"

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More about Tuition Assignments in Singapore

If you wish to find out more about tuition assignments in Singapore, do read our Tuition Assignments in Singapore article where you can find out almost every concern of Singapore tuition assignments.

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