Tuition Assignments in Singapore

Definition of tuition assignments

Tuition assignments refer to tutoring jobs. A tuition assignment is created when a student requires a teacher or instructor for guidance, and usually in studies. Especially in Singapore, tuition assignments are known as extra lessons for academic subjects or modules. In fact, tuition is a very broad term, which can also be used for extra lesson for musical instruments.

Immediate tuition assignments

Immediate tuition assignments are tuition assignments that can commence almost immediately or instantly once the parents or students are satisfied with the private tutors.

Available tuition assignments

Available tuition assignments are tuition assignments that are still available, but can be currently pending for parents to response. In other words, private tutors can still apply for the available tuition assignments.

Increases of tuition assignments in Singapore

An increase of tuition assignments in Singapore also means that more parents and students are looking for private tutors in Singapore. This is due to the competition in studies. Singapore government encourages talented foreign students to come over to Singapore and this big group of students is very hardworking and focused in their studies that many Singapore parents are feeling the threats that their children will be lagging behind these elites. Since more families are having only one child, parents want to groom their children properly.

Standard of tuition assignments in Singapore

In the past, students who required tutoring services were those with poorer grades. As education in Singapore becomes more competitive that most jobs require high qualification, those students with better grades are beginning to take up private tuition too. Private tuition is for students who need to improve their grades and also those students who wish to maintain their current results. Therefore, a tuition assignment in Singapore can be from both academically good and bad students.

Benefits of taking up tuition assignments in Singapore

The main reasons why private tutors in Singapore want to take up tuition assignments are because of the money, interaction with younger pals or students, or/and also to refresh their studies. Of course, giving part-time tuition is also a hobby to some private tutors because they love to share knowledge.
  • Higher salary than other part-time jobs

    Tuition fees are usually higher than other part-time jobs available, though there is a limited amount of tuition lessons for each student. Average tuition assignments can fetch up to $25 to $30 per hour, depending on the budget of the parents if they are not looking for private tutors with more experience or higher qualification.
  • Interaction with younger pals or people

    The idea of interacting with students can excite some private tutors. They love to communicate with others and especially with the younger generation to gain the enthusiasm.
  • Refresh their studies

    Most people tend to forget about things that they have learnt if they do not apply them constantly. It is beneficial to the private tutors in a way that they get paid to refresh their memories, especially for undergraduates who are still in the process of learning.

Difficult tuition assignments in Singapore

Tuition assignments for university (uni), junior college (jc) and polytechnic (poly) students are more difficult to be handled. These students are more mature and have a higher expectation from the private tutors. Whereas, there are fewer private tutors who are confident to take up these tuition assignments, especially for modules in universities, which are much more advanced and complicated than subjects for PSLE and GCE 'O' level.

Most common tuition assignments in Singapore

The most common tuition assignments in Singapore are Maths tuition, English tuition, Science tuition and Chinese tuition for primary and secondary school students. Maths, English and Science are the most important subjects. Singaporeans are generally weak in their second language (Mother Tongue) while Chinese is the most major ethnic group in Singapore; and therefore, we can see the high demand for private tuition for these four subjects.

Demand and supply for tuition assignments in Singapore

In Singapore, private home tutors do not need any certification from the government; anyone can become a full-time or part-time private tutor in Singapore. Therefore, there is a large number of private tutors available in Singapore. On the other hand, not every student in Singapore can afford or require a private tutor. Hence, the demand of tuition assignments in Singapore by private tutors is high but the supply for tuition assignments in Singapore much lower.

Classification of tuition assignments in Singapore

  • Tutoring level

    Tutoring level is the education level of the student (tutee). It can range from pre-school, primary school, secondary school, ITE, polytechnic, pre-u, junior college to university or other educational institute. Most usually, the tuition assignment's levels are primary and secondary schools.
  • Gender of student

    Both male and female students do request for private tutors.
  • Subject/Module

    The most common tuition assignments' subjects are Maths, English, Science and Chinese. There are also requests for tutoring for subjects like Malay language, Tamil language, POA (Principles of Accounting), pure Physics, Pure Chermistry, History, Economics, Geometry and other subjects such as Creative Writing, Japanese language, Korean language.
  • Tuition rate

    Tuition rate varies, depending on a lot of factors. Most importantly, is the affordability of the parents. There is a guide on Singapore's tuition fees rates, but the actual tuition fees charged by different private tutors are different.
  • Frequency of tuition lesson

    The most common frequency of lesson is 2 lessons per week. However, just before the commencement of tests or examinations, parents will usually request for more intensive tuition. For parents who want to push on their children, tuition lessons can be up to 3 times per week. Smart Tuition Singapore recommends that tuition lessons are to be conducted on alternate days so that there is amble time for the students to rest and as well as gather questions to seek help from the private tutor.
  • Duration of tuition session

    Smart Tuition Singapore recommends that the duration of tuition lesson is to be kept at 1.5 hours. It will take some time for the student to settle down in correct mood and thus it will be quite redundant if the tuition section is too short, whereas long duration will exhaust the student, making it difficult for the student to absorb more.
  • Timing of tuition assignments

    Depending on the schooling time of students, tuition can be conducted during the morning, afternoon or evening. Usually, parents will request tuition to be conducted in the late afternoon or early evening during weekdays.
  • Location of tuition assignments

    The location of tuition assignments are classified as North, South, East, West, Central by many tuition agencies in Singapore.
    • Tuition assignments East
      Tuition assignments in the East of Singapore may involve places like Pasir Ris, Tampiness, Simei, Bedok, Eunos, Payar Lebar, Aljunied... etc.
    • Tuition assignments West
      Tuition assignments in the East of Singapore may involve places like Jurong West, Jurong East, Clementi, Commonwealth, Queenstown... etc.
    • Tuition assignments North
      Tuition assignments in the East of Singapore may involve places like Woodlands, Admiralty... etc.
    • Tuition assignments South
      Tuition assignments in the East of Singapore may involve places like Telok Blangah, Harbourfront... etc.
    • Tuition assignments Central
      Tuition assignments in the East of Singapore may involve places like Toa Payoh, Orchard... etc.
  • Minimal qualification of private tutor

    The lowest expectation of qualification of private tutor is GCE 'O' level. However, most parents would expect at least a GCE 'A' level certification from the private tutor, which include undergraduates.
  • Gender of private tutor

    Though there are both male and female private tutors, there are more cases of parents looking for a female private tutor due to safety issue.
  • Other requirements of Tuition Assignments

    • Full-time tutor
      Sometimes, parents may ask for full-time tutors because of the experience and that there will be less chance for the private tutor to quit the job.
    • NIE trained tutor (School Teacher or ex School Teacher)
      Some parents believe that school teachers are more familiar with the school syllabus.
    Both full-time and NIE trained tutors usually demand a much higher tuition fees.

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Tuition Assignments in Singapore by Skai Chan,
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