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Our primary service is to help parents and students to find suitable one-to-one home tutors for all levels, which includes pre-school, primary school, secondary school, Integrated Programme school, international school, junior college, polytechnic, university and adult learners. Our list of tutors consists of MOE certified current and ex school teachers, NIE trainees, full-time graduate tutors, undergraduates and working professionals with different portfolios. They are capable of teaching most subjects, from English, Maths, Science, Chinese to foreign language and music (theory and instruments).

  • For Parents/Students
    1. We find and filter one to one home tutors
    2. We find and filter group tuition tutors
    3. We list our tutors for you to choose
    4. We give honest advice to you based on our experience

    5. Simply state your requirements in our quick and easy request form, and we will start searching for your ideal tutor. These services are absolutely free; unless you are requesting for short-term tuition (three months or less), we will request you to spilt the commission with the tutor. Tuition fees shall be agreed by you before the commencement of the tuition, and thus, do not worry about making any enquiry.

  • For Tutors
    1. We find and match tuition assignments with your preferences
    2. We list you for parents/students to choose
    3. We list tuition assignments for you to apply
    4. We verify identity and qualification of you

    5. Registering as a tutor with us is free but we collect a sum of your tuition fee as our agency commission (usually 50% of first month tuition fee) directly from parents/students, which mean you do not have to fork out any money.

  • For Tuition Centres & Student Care Centres
    1. We find and filter tutors
    2. We list your services

    3. We help you to find tutors for your centre. Simply fill up our request form with details and we will get back to you shortly. If you are interested in listing your services with us, please use the contact us form.

  • For Advertisers
    1. We market your services/products

    2. We are only looking at services/products that are beneficial to our visitors. If you are interested in advertising in our website, do contact us with details.

  • For Visitors
    1. Free tools and stationery
    2. Free information

    3. In our effort to help all Singapore students to find the best private home tutors, we also try to do more to contribute to the society. We are working on cool and useful stuffs for students, parents and tutors to download or use via our website. We sincerely hope that you will benefit from our tools and articles.

Level and Subjects Listing

Smart Tuition's tutor list consists of NIE certified teachers (ex and current school teachers), ITE college lecturers, full-time tutors, working professionals, undergraduates, polytechnic and 'A' level students from all over Singapore. You can choose from our list of very experienced and enthusiastic home tutors of your preferred gender.

Below is the list of tuition subjects that our tutors are confident of handling:

  • Pre-School tuition

Primary School (PSLE)
  • Chinese tuition
  • English tuition
  • Higher Chinese tuition
  • Malay tuition
  • Maths tuition
  • Science tuition
  • Tamil tuition

Secondary School (GCE 'O' Level)
  • A Maths tuition
  • Accounting tuition
  • Biology tuition
  • Biology/Chemistry tuition
  • Chemistry tuition
  • Chinese tuition
  • E Maths tuition
  • English tuition
  • Geography tuition
  • Higher Chinese tuition
  • History tuition
  • Literature tuition
  • Physics tuition
  • Physics/Chemistry tuition
  • Science (lower sec) tuition
  • Malay tuition
  • Tamil tuition
  • Social Studies tuition
  • Hindi tuition
  • Economics tuition
  • Business Studies tuition

Junior College (GCE 'A' Level)
  • Accounting tuition
  • AO Chinese tuition
  • Biology tuition
  • Chemistry tuition
  • Computing tuition
  • Economics tuition
  • General Paper (GP) tuition
  • Geography tuition
  • Higher Chinese tuition
  • History tuition
  • Literature tuition
  • Maths tuition
  • Physics tuition
  • Project Work tuition
  • Management of Business tuition

  • Accounting tuition
  • Business tuition
  • Computing tuition
  • Engineering Maths tuition
  • Management tuition
  • Fine Arts tuition
  • Human Resource tuition

  • Clarinet tuition
  • Organ tuition
  • Guitar tuition
  • Piano tuition
  • Saxophone tuition
  • Trumpet tuition
  • Violin tuition
  • Theory tuition

  • French tuition
  • German tuition
  • Japanese tuition
  • Korean tuition
  • Spanish tuition
  • Tagalog tuition
  • Thai tuition
  • Vietnamese tuition
  • English as a Foreign Language tuition
  • Mandarin as a Foreign Language tuition
  • Malay as a Foreign Language tuition
  • Bahasa Indonesia tuition

Other Singapore Services

Other than providing free tools and information that are useful to Singapore residents, we try our best to introduce other good Singapore Services.

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"The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives." - Robert Maynard Hutchins

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Smart Tuition Singapore has helped my daughter find a caring and effective tutor. My daughter shows more interest in her studies now, especially in Mathematics. Hope you get a suitable tutor through their excellent service as well! - Mrs Ng

Tutor Michelle prepared our daughter successfully for her 'O' Level Examination within a very short period of time. We did not expect her to be able to get into a Junior College with her usual results. We were very pleasantly surprised and thoroughly satisfied with Smart Tuition's Tutor recommendation and would strongly recommend Smart Tuition to all other smart parents. - Mr and Mrs Tan

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