Online Task Countdown Timer


How to use

  1. List your tasks and the planned duration in the fields
  2. Click "Create" to generate the list of tasks
  3. Click "Start" to begin any task and "Stop" to pause it
  4. Click "Start" on another task to begin it


  • During creation of the task list, if no duration is input for any task, the task will not be added.
  • Only one task can be started at any point of time. You can start a second task without having to click "Stop" for the first task, as it will be stopped automatically.
  • Do not set impossible target for the duration of tasks.


Online Task Countdown Timer, like other tools of Smart Tuition, is designed and developed by Skai Chan, the web producer of Smart Tuition. It is designed based on his personal need, which he believes does reflect the need of many others as well.

It started when loads of work stacked up, putting burden on him. His perfectionism wanted him to accomplish everything, but it ended up diverting his attention to other tasks while he was working on any. His determination and patience managed to help him to finish his tasks but he had taken too much time to work on them without setting time constraint.

He started thinking of getting a timer software, which could list down his tasks and set a countdown timer for each task. There were many free and paid, online and standalone, timer software but none had been designed to work like what he had in mind. In fact, they did not even come close. After enduring for years, he had decided to set aside some time to design a task timer to plan his time better. He knew this time management system project would be able to benefit many others as well.

Managing Tasks

There are some tasks that are more important but do take longer time to accomplish, while others may be of lower priority but are quicker to complete. When facing such situation, one may be placed in a dilemma, invoking frustration.

The first step is usually the toughest. It is better to start working on task rather than to spend time grumbling about life. Many tasks can actually be accomplished faster than anticipated.


This online task countdown timer is designed to help user to better manage time, which raises efficiency.
  • Guides user to identify and list tasks
  • Keeps user disciplined in fulfilling tasks
  • Assists user to keep track of time spent
  • Pushes user to work faster while racing against time
  • Helps user to estimate time better

When time permits, this online task count down timer application will be improved.

Online Task Countdown Timer is delegated to Kevin Chua, ex lecturer of ITE West College and current school counselor. Kevin Chua is a great man of vast talents, a humble servant of the society and a gentleman who will grab you before you fall.

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