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Smart Tuition is a Singapore registered home tuition agency run by native Singaporeans who are well-aware of the education system in Singapore. We help you to find suitable one-to-one and group home tutors.

We prioritise in verifying the tutors' qualifications. We filter them through the way they fill up the registration form and every single interaction with them such as email. We also get feedback from parents and students who have interacted with them. Therefore, we can reduce the risk of getting a tutor who is not up to your standard.

We provide free services with absolutely no hidden cost for you. We are able to do it because we collect half of the first monthís tuition fee from the tutor as commission, which means that you will pay the exact amount of tuition fee as agreed between you and the home tutor - no extra money.

private home tuition singapore Our tuition agency can be your only point of contact so that you will receive only filtered home tutorsí details from us and not be flooded by over ten enquiries daily from applicants who do not fit your requirements.

There is no obligation. We will not force you to take up any home tutor.

All you have to do is to state your requirements and preferences. We will do the job for you. Request for a tutor now using our web form (24/7 available) or call us directly.

We are a team of happy people who love to interact and help people.

Why do Parents/Students Choose Us?

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  1. We are a Singapore registered business

    We are a legal Singapore business registered with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority Singapore (ACRA) and owns a DBS corporate bank account. We are serious in the business.
  2. Trusted by parents and organisations

    Smart Tuition Singapore is a popular name that you can trust. We have been creating great rapport with parents and students. We are affilated to non-profit Singapore websites such as Smoke For What, Life is so Beautiful and We love Singapore. We have helped Ministry of Social and Family Development, previously Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS), to find home tutors for needy students. We have also provided contents for magazines such as Young Families (a magazine that was distributed free to students from PAPís PCF kindergartens) and Singapore's Child (a parenting magazine that focuses on education topics for parents of school-going children from pre-school to primary level).
  3. We provide absolutely free services

    We find dedicated home tutors for parents/students who are looking for long-term (more than 3 months) tuition for free. No more annoying hard selling tactics, just good result based tuition. There is no hidden fee. All you have to do is to pay the home tutor for his or her tuition fee accordingly to the tuition rate that both of you agree to, and nothing else.
  4. We understand students

    Our team consists of members from the educational field, experienced tutors and parents, and understand the needs and mentality of newage students. Our home tutors are confident to assist students from the top schools to neighbourhood schools in Singapore, to improve their grades.
  5. Our coordinators are trustworthy and responsible

    Our coordinators are friends whom we know and trust, and are spending their best effort to handle all clients. We do not employ "outsiders" or even collect subscription fee from them to work as coordinators like some tuition agencies do.
  6. There is no obligation

    If you do not like the home tutors that we have recommended, you can simply reject them. We do not force you to accept any home tutor.
  7. We gather our tutors legally

    All our home tutors have signed up through our website on their own accord. We do not rent database from unknown sources like some tuition agencies.
  8. We verify our home tutors

    We examine the credibility of our home tutors by checking on soft copies of their identity card and certification. During the first lesson, the approved home tutor is required to bring along the original copies of the document. Do read our home tutor verification page for more details.
  9. We have varieties of home tutors

    Our home tutors list consists of NIE certified teachers, ex and current school teachers, ex ITE college lecturers, full-time tutors, working professionals, undergraduates, polytechnic and 'A' level students from all over Singapore. You can choose from our list of very experienced and enthusiastic home tutors of your preferred gender.
  10. Varying tuition fee rates

    We have a large range of home tutors from student to school teachers and full-time tutors, varying tuition fee rates to suit your budget and personal tutoring needs.
  11. Our home tutors follow our rules

    All our home tutors adhere to our Code of Ethics. Once we receive any complaint from parents/students about any home tutor, we will investigate and take appropriate actions, such as blacklisting him/her.
  12. We cooperate with other Singapore tuition agencies

    We cooperate with other trusted Singapore tuition agencies we know by person to search for the best tutors for you within the shortest time possible. The home tutors they provide also have to adhere to our Code of Ethics.
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Why Need a Private Home Tutor?

Direction to pass
"Every Student Deserves a Proper Guidance"

Getting an experienced home tutor will definitely aid your child in his or her studies and improve the subjects' grades. On average, it takes a longer time for someone to figure out things himself than to have an experienced person to guide him along. Furthermore, a home tutor can impart his or her learning tactic for each individual subject based on experience to your child.

By engaging a private home tutor,
  1. It will take shorter time for your child to learn more.
  2. Learning can be done at flexible schedules.
  3. Your child can learn in an environment with no peer pressure.
  4. Individual attention is given to your child.
  5. Tuition is conducted at the convenience of your home.
  6. You can monitor the progress of your child easily.

More than a Singapore Tuition Agency

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In our effort to help all Singapore students to find the best private home tutors, we also try to do more to contribute to the society. We are working on cool and useful stuffs for students, parents and tutors to download or use via our website. We sincerely hope that you will benefit from our tools and articles.

To date, we have done up tools like Desktop Wallpaper, printable Timetable, Tuition Time Sheet and Singapore Calendar Planner 2016. You can use our simple and straightforward Tuition Fees Budget Calculator to plan your tuition fees budget and we are still working on other tools and articles. We will be pleased if you can contribute ideas or ready-made gadgets to share with everybody.

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"The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book." - Source Unknown

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We believe that tutoring requires lots of patience and creativity. If you have the passion and are keen to be a home tutor, do register as a tutor to become part of our passionate and dedicated team now.


Smart Tuition Singapore has helped my daughter find a caring and effective tutor. My daughter shows more interest in her studies now, especially in Mathematics. Hope you get a suitable tutor through their excellent service as well! - Mrs Ng

Tutor Michelle prepared our daughter successfully for her 'O' Level Examination within a very short period of time. We did not expect her to be able to get into a Junior College with her usual results. We were very pleasantly surprised and thoroughly satisfied with Smart Tuition's Tutor recommendation and would strongly recommend Smart Tuition to all other smart parents. - Mr and Mrs Tan

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Smart Tuition is a proud affiliate of Smoke For What, Life is so Beautiful and We Love Singapore because we believe in creating healthy bodies and minds for the future generation of Singapore.

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