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Hi tutors,

We want to emphasize that we cannot guarantee everyone will be given at least an assignment any time soon.

We have set up the platform that has gained sufficient trust from parents and students to seek our help. We spend time to make frequent improvements on our website and services. There is, however, a limit to what we can do.

An important component of the process of securing a tuition assignment depends on you.

    How much effort have you spent updating your profile and proving your claims?

    How truthful are you with your personal information?

We thank all tutors for trusting and signing up with us, but the fact is that the market has a much higher ratio of tutors to the number of students (tuition assignments). Often, it depends on luck whether there is suitable tuition assignment for you. Note that you have your own preferences of location, tuition fee and other criteria, and the parents and students have theirs too. There may be tuition assignments that suit you completely, but they can also fit other humble tutors as well.

You cannot increase luck unless you are a believer of feng shui or other studies/techniques, but you can at least work on your profile. You may have turned your public profile off, but our coordinators are still able and have to view your profile through the system and decide if you are sincere and suitable enough - you have to keep your profile updated.

We have quite a number of methods to judge tutors through all interactions and we share our experiences and opinions inside the system among our team.

In Smart Tuition, we believe the characters of tutors are equally important as the result they can deliver. We cannot identify angels in plain clothes but we can judge their characters by their actions.

We do not proclaim that we are the best tuition agency in Singapore. How about you?

Do help us and yourself to impress the parents.

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Smart Tuition Singapore has helped my daughter find a caring and effective tutor. My daughter shows more interest in her studies now, especially in Mathematics. Hope you get a suitable tutor through their excellent service as well! - Mrs Ng

Tutor Michelle prepared our daughter successfully for her 'O' Level Examination within a very short period of time. We did not expect her to be able to get into a Junior College with her usual results. We were very pleasantly surprised and thoroughly satisfied with Smart Tuition's Tutor recommendation and would strongly recommend Smart Tuition to all other smart parents. - Mr and Mrs Tan

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