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Smart Tuition is a Singapore registered tuition agency that helps to match tutors with suitable tutoring jobs, known as tuition assignments, from both parents/students and tuition centres.

There are 3 ways a registered tutor can get tuition assignments from our tuition agency:
  1. Our coordinators see a suitable match between you and the student, and contact you.
  2. Parents/Students select you directly after viewing your public profile (you can switch it on/off any time).
  3. You apply for individual assignments directly from our tuition assignments list.
If you are interested in tutoring to help others while earning some income, whether you are a part-time or full-time tutor, you can sign up as a tutor with us by filling up the form below as detailed and accurate as possible (home tutors' details required). You can, of course, edit your profile after sign-up to fill in more details. Do note that we have to match both you and the parents/students' preferences. You may also read our tips for filling up a web form.


Registering as a tutor with us is absolutely free - there is no registration or administration fee (no hidden fee). We do not force you to take up any tuition assignment. We sustain our services by commissioning your first two tutoring weeks' tuition fee (50% of first month) for each successful match. We will collect the fee from the parent/student directly and thus you do not need to pay anything upfront.

Document Verification is Mandatory

Smart Tuition is well trusted by parents because we go to the extra miles to make sure our tutors are honest, sincere and passionate about tutoring. We are a Singapore registered business and require all registered tutors to submit their softcopies IC and certificates/transcripts (home tutor verification) before we "release" any tuition assignment to them. We will not recommend any anonymous or arrogant tutor to our parents/students. This is one of the many reasons being a registered tutor with Smart Tuition can stand out from others. Even though we do have various features, such as self-updating of profile for parents/students to select you, do not treat us as a social network site that you can simply register without identifying yourself. Therefore, if you do not intend to submit your document, please do not sign up.

No spamming from us. No selling of tutor's information. Strictly for tuition.

Home Tutor Registration Form

- No HTML code, URL or non-English characters.
- Profiles with false or hidden (eg. S89xxx90A or N.A) information will be blacklisted immediately.
- We approve all registration and profile updates manually.

1. Personal Particulars

IC number, birth date and Occupation will be kept private.
First Name
Date of Birth
Full-time Occupation

2. Contact Details

All contact details will be kept private.
Email Address
Mobile Phone (+65) (No space in between)
Home Phone (optional) (+65) (For emergency only)
Home Address
Postal Code S

3. Education Records

These are your education records and NOT preferences.
If you are an undergraduate, your high qualification is either 'A' level or Diploma.
If you are taking 'A' level or Diploma, your high qualification is at most 'O' level.
Highest Qualification (You will need to submit your final official certificate)
Diploma/Degree in Education from NIE (You will need to submit your final official certificate issued by NIE)
Attending/Attended IP (You will need to submit your year 4 result)
Tutoring Experience
Secondary School (School Name)
JC / Poly (School Name)
(Course / Major)
University (if applicable) (School Name)
(Course / Major)
'O' & 'A' level Results

List all individual subjects and their grades

(or IP year 4 or diploma GPA)

4. Self Introduction

Tell parents/students why they should choose you as their home tutor to stand out from the rest of the tutors who hold the same qualification as you. You may indicate your past tutoring experience, teaching methods, achievements, awards and professional certificates... etc.

Strictly no contact information (email, phone number, website) to be stated here.

5. Preferences

Let us know your expectation and choices.
Minimal Expected rates $ (SGD per hour)
Student's Gender
Teach IP students?
Tutoring Locations
Grouped according to Singapore MRT system
Tutoring Level and subjects

(Indicate only subjects that you are confident to deliver)

Primary School (PSLE)

'O' Level

'A' Level

Polytechnic and above


Foreign Language

State in "Comments for coordinators" below.
Comments for coordinators
(visible only to our administrators and coordinators)

Do indicate if you have any constraint or feedback, including if you are only looking for tuition in a certain district or you have allergic to animals' fur.

As far as possible, please keep this column empty.

For enquiries, please use the contact us form instead.

6. Setting

You can switch these options on/off after logging in.
Enabling Public Listing will allow a higher chance for you to get tuition assignments, it also allows search engines such as Google to find you. No contact detail will be displayed on your public profile page.
Public listing?   (Be listed on home tutor page for parents/students to select)
Volunteering tuition?   (Be contacted if there's any needy student who requires tuition)
Referral (How did you find out about us?)

7. Spam Check and Service Agreement

(Key in the answer for the maths question)

Double check your email address as your password and details will be emailed to you.

Do not register if you do not intend to submit your document for verification.

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"Education helps one case cease being intimidated by strange situations." - Maya Angelou

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Tuition Tutors Needed!

Passionate Singapore tutors needed
We believe that tutoring requires lots of patience and creativity. If you have the passion and are keen to be a home tutor, do register as a tutor to become part of our passionate and dedicated team now.


Smart Tuition Singapore has helped my daughter find a caring and effective tutor. My daughter shows more interest in her studies now, especially in Mathematics. Hope you get a suitable tutor through their excellent service as well! - Mrs Ng

Tutor Michelle prepared our daughter successfully for her 'O' Level Examination within a very short period of time. We did not expect her to be able to get into a Junior College with her usual results. We were very pleasantly surprised and thoroughly satisfied with Smart Tuition's Tutor recommendation and would strongly recommend Smart Tuition to all other smart parents. - Mr and Mrs Tan

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