Singapore Calendar Planner 2011

Are you looking for a printable Calendar Planner for year 2011 that is being designed to use month by month, such that you can plan your journey, holiday, important event and other important schedule for your daily use?

Smart Tuition Singapore has prepared two clean, simple and printable (Singapore and non-Singapore) Calendar Planner 2011 for you.

Screenshots of Singapore Calendar Planner 2011

Calendar Planner 2011 version 1
Calendar Planner without public holidays - printscreen
Without Singapore Public Holiday (PH)
- For everyone's use.
Calendar Planner 2011 version 2
Calendar Planner with Singapore public holiday - printscreen
With Singapore Public Holiday (PH)
- For Singaporean residents' use.

Calendar Planner 2011 version 3
With Singapore Public Holidays (PH), starts at Mondays
- For Singaporean residents' use.

Calendar Planner 2011 version 4
With Singapore Public and School Holidays (PH), starts at Mondays
- For Singaporean residents' use.

Printable Singapore Calendar Planner 2011

There are two versions of the Calendar Planner 2011. One of them has Singapore's public holidays (PH) 2011 listed and indicated inside. The other one is a blank calendar so that people all over the world who needs an English calendar can use it.

We have converted both the Calendar Planners to PDF format to reduce the file sizes. Simply download any of them, open it using Adobe Reader and print it using A4 size papers. If you do not require the first two pages of the calendar planner, simply set your printer’s print setup to start printing from page 3 to 14. Of course, if you need to use only certain months, simply key in the month’s page number.

Singapore Public Holidays 2011

Below is the list of Singapore's Public Holidays (PH) for year 2011.
  • New Year’s Day
    Saturday, 1 January 2011
  • Chinese New Year
    Thursday, 3 February 2011
    Friday, 4 February 2011
  • Good Friday
    Friday, 22 April 2011
  • Labour Day
    Sunday*, 1 May 2011
  • Singapore Polling Day
    Saturday, 7 May 2011
  • Vesak Day
    Tuesday, 17 May 2011
  • Singapore National Day
    Tuesday, 9 August 2011
  • Hari Raya Puasa
    Tuesday, 30 August 2011
  • Deepavali
    Wednesday**, 26 October 2011
  • Hari Raya Haji
    Sunday*, 6 November 2011
  • Christmas Day
    Sunday*, 25 December 2011
* For holidays that fall on Sunday, the following Monday will be a public holiday

** Deepavali will be on 26 October 2011 as previously announced.

Usage of Singapore Calendar Planner 2011

This Singapore Calendar Planner design is very handy for both study and work purpose, which is proven workable. With this calendar planner, you will not miss any important date easily. It is also a blank calendar such that you can even treat it as a notepad as well.

You can use this Calendar Planner as your school calendar to write down the assignment, project, test and examination dates. For working people, project deadlines and meetings can be indicated clearly as well. You will not miss your loved ones’ birth dates too.

For people who do not wish to use it as a Calendar Planner, simply use it as a monthly calendar. Hang it on the wall to treat it as a normal calendar and start giving the impressive to others that you do preparation work well.

Recommendation Use of Calendar Planner 2011

  • Print in A4 size papers
  • Print in single page so that the opposite side can be used to write notes
  • Use a clear pocket folder/sheet to keep them without stapling them
  • Write using small font size
  • Use different coloured pens for different item types (eg. event, birthdate, project deadline)
  • Keep events, birthdates and anniversaries at the bottom

Why use Smart Tuition Singapore’s Calendar Planner 2011?

  • Usability - A4 size is sufficient for a normal person’s usage
  • Portability - A4 size papers can be placed inside bags and briefcases easily
  • Readability - Clean and simple to see
  • Environment-friendly efficient - Save inks with no fanciful background image and design
  • Availability - Unlike electronic devices, it will not run out of battery
  • Cost – FREE. If you like this calendar planner, do share this page with your friends.
This Singapore Calender Planner 2011 is a project of Smart Tuition Singapore to help all Singapore residents. You are allowed to distribute it to others for free (restrictly not soldable).

Download Singapore Calendar Planner 2011

(Right click and choose "save as" on link)

Download Printable Singapore Calendar Planner 2011
(with Singapore Public Holidays listed, in PDF format, 131 KB)
(Right click and choose "save as" on link)

Download Printable Singapore Calendar Planner 2011
(with Singapore Public Holidays listed, week starts at Monday, in PDF format, 131 KB)
(Right click and choose "save as" on link)

Download Printable Singapore Calendar Planner 2011
with School Holidays

(with Singapore Public and School Holidays listed, week starts at Monday, in PDF format, 133 KB)
(Right click and choose "save as" on link)

If you have any comment or you find this Singapore Calendar Planner 2011 useful, please give us some feedbacks.

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