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New home tutor verification system

Posted by Smart Tuition Singapore on 9th March and posted in Tuition Agency Announcements & Updates

Dear tutors, it is our promise to parents and students to provide them with quality home tutors.

This is why we are requesting our tutors to send us soft-copies of their identification cards and certifications. We spend extra time to verify each tutor’s documents and honestly it is very tedious and time-consuming for us to do it. However, in order to be fair to the parents and students, we take pride in ourselves by continuing with the verification to ensure that the parents/students are paying the selected home tutors the rightful amount of tuition fees.

In the past, some tutors may have sent us only their identification cards while others have submitted only their certificates, and we have all along grouped the documents as a whole. We have recently improved on the verification work by sorting out the identity verification part from the document; moreover, we are now able to differentiate the level of certification sent. That means if a home tutor has indicated his qualification as “Master” but has only sent us his “O” level certificate, we are now able to see the situation clearly and advise the tutor to submit the rest of the document.

Tutors are now able to view the exact status of the verification right after logging into their profiles. They are also positioned in our tuition system as accordingly to the documents submitted, which means that those tutors who have already submitted their documents will be placed at the more viewable (front) position for parents/students and our coordinators to select.

Home tutors, kindly log into your account now and check that we have updated your status correctly. Do send us the rest of your documents if you have not.


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