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Yoga Classes in Singapore

In this highly-stressed and fast pace environment of the society we live in today, it seems that managing stress is a commonplace for most. Be it being a student or a desk-bound office worker (sedentary lifestyle), we need to find ways to reduce or even eliminate these stress levels.

Great News!! A Big Shout Out to All:

Smart Tuition has started an exclusive partnership with Yogavihara.

It all started when we wanted to incorporate a healthier lifestyle for our family members and began sending some of our mums to try out the session at Yogavihara. Unlike most typical Yoga centres, Yogavihara provides a wide range of specialized services from beginners to advance levels – pertaining to individuals’ flexibility range.

Yoga class in Singapore - Tanjong Pagar

Here’s a testimonial by one of our mums who is currently in the Yoga group:

Tay Lay Hong | Age: 57 (She has never done any proper exercise in her life)

Eleanor is such a friendly and nice teacher. She knows that it is tough for people at our age to bend and stretch a lot and thus she customized steps accordingly to how much we can do. I love the breathing techniques which she taught!! It really trained me to breathe properly and I feel so rejuvenated after every session. It is really a sport not just for the young!

Yoga in Singapore Yoga is suitable for all ages. Therefore, we do recommend parents to send their children to Yogavihara for a few reasons. Studying in Singapore is unanimously acclaimed as relatively stressful. We need to inculcate our young to learn how to manage their increasing stress levels and later on assimilating themselves into the working world thereafter. Apart from stress control, there are many other benefits such as improving & maintaining core muscle strength, balance and postural alignment. Many of our younger generations these days, have the tendency to slouch a lot and this is an extremely bad habit which can cause potential health hazard - children with scoliosis seems to be on the rise. Lastly, Yoga also can help students improve on their concentration levels, which will then in turn allow them to focus better on their studies.


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Yogavihara - Yoga in the City Conveniently located beside Tanjong Pagar CC. Yogavihara is just a mere 5-10 minutes' walk away from Tanjong Pagar MRT station.

15 Yan Kit Road
Chao An Association
Singapore 088267

How it works

Yogavihara provides: Practitioners may join any of the classes within the schedules given every week. Private groups or Personal Training may also be arranged according to personal preferences.

Exclusive Deal with Smart Tuition

In Smart Tuition, we encourage all our clients to get a proper work-life balance and also learn to appreciate and enjoy their lives. Yoga is definitely one of the ways to keep fit and at the same time rest your body, mind and soul to the fullest. Therefore, we have collaborated together with Yogavihara to provide a 20% discount off the original prices of various passes. This is valid for first time customers. Be rest assured that there will not be any hard selling of exorbitant packages by Yogavihara. Simply produce the voucher below when you first sign up for the course to enjoy the discount!!

- Download the voucher (298kb in PDF)

Feel free to drop us an email for any enquiries at yoga at or use our web enquiry form.

SMS enquiries can also be made to Kai at 9022 3225.

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