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Singapore Tuition Assignment 1603011

Please apply for the tuition assignment only if you are proficient and confident of tutoring the relevant subject(s) well. If you are unsuitable for the assignment (example, the parent is asking for a female tutor and you are male), do not apply.

If you have not submitted your document for verification, kindly do so instead of wasting your time.

Primary 3 - English, Science, Math

Status: Unavailable

Tutoring Level: Primary 3
Subject: English, Science, Math
Student's Gender: Male
Student's Race: SG chinese
Tuition Rate: $30
Frequency of Lessons: 2-3 times/week
Duration of Lessons: 1.5 hrs/lesson
Available Timing: Monday to Friday 4 to 9pm
Saturday and Sunday 10-3pm
Location: Jalan Tari Piring (Jalan Kayu)
Tutor's Gender: No preference
Tutor's Minimum Qualification: Bachelor
Requirements / Comments: Prefer FULL TIME TUTOR. _________Must be patient and committed. _____Hourly rate will adjust according to the tutor status. _____NOTE : Tutor who apply for this assignment may choose to take up individual subject. __________

Student has mild ADHD, a slow learner and is very weak in language.

Recent CA1, scored 24/50 for Science (left most written section blank), 23/50 for English (very weak in vocab, compo and comprehension), 35/50 for Math.

Looking at minimum lessons at least twice a week.

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