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Science Tuition in Singapore

Science Tuition Singapore

Science tuition in Singapore The job opportunity for Science students ranges from professional to administrative roles in fields such as Banking and Finance, Healthcare, Chemical, Marketing, Defence and Security, Pharmaceutical, Management Consultancy... etc. (According to website of Career Prospects of NUS Facilty of Science)

It is important for a student to build confidence in the Science subject during the early stage of his or her education. In order for a student to gain confidence in anything, in this case the Science subject, he or she has to do well in it.

In Singapore, young students at primary 3 level will start taking up the Science subject. PSLE Science is one of the most important subjects apart from English, Maths and Mother Tongue; the four subjects have equal weightage.

If your child's grade for Science is not good, you may want to engage a Science tutor for him or her.

Science Tutors

Smart Tuition Singapore has with us, a group of very young and promising Science faculty undergraduate home tutors from National University of Singapore (NUS) who are ready to impart their science knowledge to you or your child. With outstanding results obtained during their secondary school and junior college days, our tuition agency has faith in them to help all students improve their grades with the engaging of science tuition.

Apart from having this group of passionate Singapore home tutors with us, our list of home tutors includes very experienced full-time tutors who can inspire you or your child.

Our Science tutors have absolute confidence in handling science tuition levels ranges from primary science (PSLE science) to lower and upper secondary Physic and Chemistry tuition, and even at junior college (JC) level.

(Absolutely free with no hidden cost!)

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