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Home Tutor ID: 20092
Grace (Yeo)

Age: 25
Gender: female
Nationality: Singaporean
Race: chinese
Tutoring Experience:
3 years

Highest Qualification:

Education History

NIE trained: No
Integrated Programme: No
Secondary School: Crescent Girls' School
Junior College / Polytechnic: Victoria Junior College (Math, Sciences, Economics)
University: Nanyang Technological University (Bachelor's in Accountancy)
Results: Merit in Bachelor's in Accountancy / All 'A' for all four H2 subjects (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Economics) and 'B' for General Paper for the A' Levels/ All 'A' for English, Maths, the Sciences and Combined Humanities and 'B' in Music for the O' Levels


Minimal Expected Rate: $45
Student's Gender: No preference
Tutoring Location: Most West, West, North West
Teaching IP Students: No

Tutoring Subjects

Pre-School: -
Primary School: English, Maths, Science
'O' Level: -
'A' Level: -
Polytechnic and above: -
Music: -
Foreign Language: -

Self Introduction

Graduate full-time tutor with 2 over years of experience specializing in teaching primary school students (P1-P5) Eng, Math, Science

Equipped with a wide range of resources (from elementary questions to challenging ones), hence well suited to meet the needs of students with different academic performance capabilities.

Has vast exposure to pupils with varied preferred methods of study, with consequential experience in crafting individualized styles (for visual, auditory, kinesthetic learners etc). Able to engage kids / pupils of different learning styles to keep them captivated.

Emphasizes making learning an enjoyably comfortable, non-dreadful process as students will definitely retain concepts much better, rather than learning in a mundane (conventional) environment. Quality of lesson delivery, while, will not be compromised.

Takes time and is very patient in correcting any misconception in pupil's understanding before teaching any new concepts. This will prevent unnecessary trouble and wastage of precious time in fixing any erroneous thinking in future.

Innovates/Modifies teaching to accommodate student's speed and ease at picking up new concepts eg coming up with own/consolidating FAQs across primary school exam papers.

Has also dealt with a few pupils with behavioural impairments that might make "conventional" learning difficult / unsuitable for them. My response would be to tailor the lesson and materials to suit and compliment the students' preferences and needs instead, rather than simply force "route" learning upon them (when they are already struggling academically). Also, I am a firm believer of a strong teacher-pupil relationship as kids would be more receptive to a teacher who is both a friend and a mentor, someone they can look up to and/or even confide in.

Passionate and able to help students perform better in their academics by forging a lasting teacher-pupil relationship with them. Drawing from my own past and personal experience as one, and from the feedback of my ex-pupils, students would feel more comfortable and hence encouraged to seek help in their studies when the environment is a conducive, stress-free and motivational one for learning. Rest assured I will still maintain my professionalism as a teacher throughout. I am also very open to feedback / comments from parents and I will do my best to cater to their demands, in addition to their child's.

Have helped all my kids improve in the subjects / areas they have engaged me in, and delivered results parents are satisfied with (I have helped kids who have been failing to pass in 2 months of tuition as a newly hired tutor (one of my P5 students who has been scoring around 36% for SA1 managed to achieve 69% in the recent SA2 (Math) this year, 2019), and likewise for those who wish to attain mastery ('A'/'Band 1') in the subject they're being tutored in). Innovates and adapts teaching styles on a discretionary basis to suit each child's needs Also equipped with resources aplenty to assist kids in their learning (i work with my mom who has 30 over years of tutoring experience in kindergarten and primary school, with the bulk of her expertise centered on the latter - we have a tuition room set apart in our house for her students). Currently eleven students on hand, aged P1 to P5 (International students aged Grade 1 and 4 from SJII) being tutored in English, Math, Science and Chinese (lower primary i.e. P1 to P3). Also provide tutoring on specialised/targeted areas e.g Creative/Composition Writing which is what I am presently doing for one of my kids. Able to furnish more details on my teaching experience on request / if the parent is keen on engaging me.

Able to start now and commit long-term. Had worked in the accounting and corporate advisory industry previously for 1.5 years before quitting to tutor (mainly) primary school students full-time.

∴   Registered: 30 Oct 2019 ↵   Last Login: - ↵   Last Modified: -

Notes for clients:

  • Tuition rates of all home tutor are subjected to many factors, such as level of student and subject. The "Minimal Expected Rate" does not necessary apply to you or your child.
  • Smart Tuition verifies only the identity and qualification of our home tutors, and the results are indicated at the top of the page and under the tutor's name.
  • Smart Tuition has warned our home tutors regarding the accuracy of the information provided and we bear no responsibility for any wrong or inaccurate information stated.
  • The contents may not be updated timely by the individual tutor despite he/she can login to update or delete the profile at any point of time.
  • The tutor is subjected to his/her availability and Smart Tuition will recommend other suitable tutors to you if the tutor is not available.
  • There is no free trial of lesson. You can, however, change the tutor after any lesson if he/she is not up to your standard.
  • Please indicate the tutor's ID in the request form if you find him/her suitable.

About our tutors:

  • Every tutor signs up with us on his/her own accord and our team is overwhelmed with a large pool of talents - we do not and neither need to buy any tutor's data.
  • This tutor's profile is viewable because he/she has enabled the optional public listing feature, which can be disabled after logging into the account. This means that some of our fantastic tutors can only be viewed by our coordinators.
  • To remove this profile, as agreed in the service agreement during registration, this tutor has to log in and delete the account manually instead of approaching us.

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