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Crystal (Chia)   |   Tutor ID: 18933


Highest qualification verified: Bachelor

Home tutor - Crystal


Gender: female
Age: 28
Nationality: Singaporean
Race: chinese
Tutoring Experience: No experience

Education History

Highest Qualification: Bachelor
NIE trained: No
Integrated Programme: No
Secondary School: Manjusri Secondary School
Junior College / Polytechnic: Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Horticulture & Landscape Management)
University: SIM - RMIT (Bachelor of Business (Management))
Results: General Cambridge Examination O Levels:
English Language C6; Combined Humanities C6; Mathematics B3; Science (Physics/Chemistry) B4; Art C6; Principles of Accounts B3; Chinese A1
Principles of Accounts B3; Chinese A1

Diploma GPA: 2.8227

Bachelor of Business (Economics & Finace) - Cumulative GPA: 1.2
Bachelor of Business (Management) - Cumulative GPA: 1.8
Total GPA: 3


Minimal Expected Rate: $20
Student's Gender: No preference
Tutoring Location: East, Most East, North East
Teaching IP Students: No

Tutoring Subjects

Pre-School: -
Primary School: Chinese, Maths, Science
'O' Level: Chinese
'A' Level: -
Polytechnic and above: -
Music: -
Foreign Language: -

Self Introduction

Presently, I am working under a financial institution during my weekdays and am looking for a part-time/flexi-hours job that is able to accommodate to my schedule for some extra income. Over the years, I have worked in a variety of jobs such as customer-service oriented, education oriented and positions related to the cultural arts field.

My experience relating to academic education is working as a student care teacher in Learning Bliss Student Care. The centre is situated in Nanyang Primary School to cater for their students. During my course of work there, I had conducted English, Mathematics & Chinese classes to lower primary students. Additionally, supervising students in completing their homework and providing guidance & assisting them when they encounter academic problems is part of my job scope as well.

My most rewarding experience dealing with children was being a dance assistant at a young age of 15 and eventually a dance teacher at an age of 19 at Dance Ensemble Singapore. I was given an opportunity to conduct dance lessons for students range from 3 to 18. Though the experience is not relating to academic education, however the environment & experience itself had nurtured my patience and allowed me to be comfortable with children yet disciplined at the same time to get things done.

My academic qualifications attained consists of the following:-
1. SIM - RMIT: Bachelor of Business (Management) Degree
For all to note, my official convocation will be in August 2017, thus my graduation certificate is not ready yet. However, you may view my transcript if you have any queries. To further clarify, I was from Bachelor of Business (Economics & Finance) but I had switched to management during my course of study thereafter.
Bachelor of Business (Economics & Finace) - Cumulative GPA: 1.2
Bachelor of Business (Management) - Cumulative GPA: 1.8
Total GPA: 3
2. Ngee Ann Polytechnic: Diploma in Horticulture & Landscape Management
GPA: 2.8227
3. Manajusri Secondary School: GCE 'O' Level
English Language C6; Combined Humanities C6; Mathematics B3; Science (Physics/Chemistry) B4; Art C6; Principles of Accounts B3; Chinese A1

Despite mentioned, I am new to private or home tuition therefore if an opportunity were to be given, I would be utterly grateful for it.

Thank you for your consideration.

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