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Home Tutor ID: 14917
Eng Teck (Ong)


Qualification verified: Bachelor

Home tutor - Eng Teck
Age: 33
Gender: male
Nationality: Singaporean
Race: chinese
Tutoring Experience:
13 years

Highest Qualification:

Education History

NIE trained: No
Integrated Programme: No
Secondary School: Outram Secondary School
Junior College / Polytechnic: Saint Andrew's Junior College (SAJC (Science)
University: Singapore Management University (SMU)
Results: O Levels:
English- B3
E Maths-A1
A Maths-A2
Combined Humanity-B3

A Levels:
Chinese A2

GPA 3.41/4.00 Cum Laude (With Distinctions)


Minimal Expected Rate: $35
Student's Gender: No preference
Tutoring Location: West, Central/City, East, North East
Teaching IP Students: IP only

Tutoring Subjects

Pre-School: -
Primary School: English, Maths, Science
'O' Level: A Maths, E Maths, Science (lower sec)
'A' Level: -
Polytechnic and above: -
Music: -
Foreign Language: -

Self Introduction

I have been a tutor for 9 years. I started giving tuition at the age of 18 and become a full time tutor since the year 2011 upon my graduation from SMU. I am nurturing and encouraging but at the same time very firm and stern when required.

I teach Primary School Science and Mathematics as well as Secondary School E and A Maths. I have great endurance, determination and patience when it comes to coaching students. As such, whether the student is strong or weak in the subject, I am able to customize lessons to their advantage.

Parents make the choice to let me follow their children throughout their education years as I am able to build good rapport not just with the students, but also with the parents. I believe that building a good chemistry is the key ingredient in getting the student to re-like the subject and thus do well.

Most importantly, I try to motivate and inspire them by sharing with my life story as well the success stories of my other students.

I am result oriented because I strongly believe in making my lessons value for money for the parents. Thus I have a 100% success rate in students improving. However, I am also extremely concerned of the well being of my students, especially their mental capacity and stress level. I provide constant assurance, counseling and guidance for students facing tough times in school and other related issues

Teaching Methodology:

Provide and write personalized notes for students.
Access Student's standards and ability on the first lesson and plan out curriculum and skeleton of my teaching for him/her.
Extremely engaging and motivating.
Believe strongly in regaining and building confidence of students.

Students' Results (Past 1 Year 2014):

Secondary 4 O Levels Emaths and Amaths- Mei Ting improved 3 grades for both subjects
Secondary 4 O Levels Emaths and Amaths-Clarice obtained A2 for both subjects
Secondary 4 O Levels Amaths- Amelia improved 10 marks for prelims
Secondary 4 O Levels Emaths- Mark improved from F9 to A2
Secondary 3 NA Maths- Justin improved 40 marks from 25-65marks
Secondary 2 Maths- Simon improved 25 marks from 25-50marks
Primary 5 Maths and Science- Chloe improved 20 marks for both subjects
Primary 4 Maths, Science, English- Zhe Kai, class position improved from 37 to 12th in class

Results of Current Students

Primary 5 River Valley Boy - Maths, English and Science- Each subject improved 15marks
Primary 5 Bendemeer Brother and Sister Maths and Science- Obtained 86 and 88 marks
Primary 6 Zhangde Primary Boy - Maths Improved 1 grade
Secondary 1 St Hildas Boy - Maths Improved from F9 to B3
Secondary 3 St Patrick Boy E Maths- Highest in class A2
Victoria School Integrated Program 3 A Maths- Improved from 17 marks to 64 marks
Changkat Changi Secondary School A Maths- Improved from B4 to A2
Gan Eng Seng Secondary School- A Maths- Improved from F9 to B3
Sec 4 Fairfield Methodist Boy - E Maths Improved 1 grade
Sec 4 NT- Maths Improved 1 grade
Grade 4 Overseas Family School Boy - Maths Improved 1 grade
Grade 9 United World College Boy - Maths A*
Grade 9 Australian International School Boy- M a t h s Improved 1 grade

Foreign Students
Currently coaching foreign students taking either AEIS or SPERS examinations.

∴   Registered: 15 Jan 2015 ↵   Last Login: 19 Oct 2015 ↵   Last Modified: 19 Oct 2015

Notes for clients:

  • Tuition rates of all home tutor are subjected to many factors, such as level of student and subject. The "Minimal Expected Rate" does not necessary apply to you or your child.
  • Smart Tuition verifies only the identity and qualification of our home tutors, and the results are indicated at the top of the page and under the tutor's name.
  • Smart Tuition has warned our home tutors regarding the accuracy of the information provided and we bear no responsibility for any wrong or inaccurate information stated.
  • The contents may not be updated timely by the individual tutor despite he/she can login to update or delete the profile at any point of time.
  • The tutor is subjected to his/her availability and Smart Tuition will recommend other suitable tutors to you if the tutor is not available.
  • There is no free trial of lesson. You can, however, change the tutor after any lesson if he/she is not up to your standard.
  • Please indicate the tutor's ID in the request form if you find him/her suitable.

About our tutors:

  • Every tutor signs up with us on his/her own accord and our team is overwhelmed with a large pool of talents - we do not and neither need to buy any tutor's data.
  • This tutor's profile is viewable because he/she has enabled the optional public listing feature, which can be disabled after logging into the account. This means that some of our fantastic tutors can only be viewed by our coordinators.
  • To remove this profile, as agreed in the service agreement during registration, this tutor has to log in and delete the account manually instead of approaching us.

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