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English Tuition in Singapore

Due to the culture of having many different languages, including dialects, it takes extra effort to study English in Singapore than in foreign countries; not forgetting the common use of Singlish that has caused confusion over Standard English.

English tuition in Singapore Since English is the main language in Singapore, almost all subjects are based on English, hence, the importance to have a great command of the language. English is also a subject by itself, which is tested in Kindergarten, PSLE, 'O' level and 'A' level (known as GP or General Paper). Your child has to score well in the English subject in order to fare well in overall.

The most commonly made mistakes in written English are grammatical and spelling errors. The era of internet makes learning English more challenging as many internet users are using bad English to communicate online. This will in turn mislead other internet users, especially teenage students. There are also some differences between US and UK English - an example is the spelling of "color" and "colour". Singapore schools follow the UK English standard while many electronic devices' software, including the internet, tend to lean towards the US English. Thus, the language is made more confusing.

Many parents actually start their children's English tuition since kindergarten. If you ask me is it too early to begin English tuition at such an early stage, I would say no. As mentioned above, most subjects in Singapore are being taught in English and thus it is very important to build the foundation of the language well.

I have personally faced countless problems during my school days due to the fact that my English language is built on a rocky foundation. I was from a less well-to-do Chinese-speaking family, which both parents were almost uneducated. I was neither the type of student who was talented nor keen in the language, and thus I was not able to create a miracle. The weakness in the English language caused me problems in understanding other subjects such as Science. While my classmates were able to concentrate on understanding the logics, I was trying hard to figure out and memorise the meaning of the terms used. Mathematics was never a challenge to me but the English language made it tougher. There was once during an examination that I was told to arrange some digits in accordingly to "ascending" order but the term was an alien language to me, such that it cost me my perfect score for the paper. When I moved on to secondary school, my weak foundation in English gave me more problems. I gave up taking GCE 'A' level because I knew the GP module alone would kill me.

I believe building a good foundation in English language can make a big difference in everyone's life, how about you?

English Tuition in Singapore by Skai Chan,
Ex-lecturer, Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College West, Singapore.

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English Tutor in Singapore

The foundation of the English language should be built since young. Nevertheless, it is never too late to get started. If your child has difficulties with the language (English), why not consider engaging a one-on-one English tutor for him or her?

Taking up English tuition is not limited to only school students. Many working adults also need the basic English skill in order to communicate better during their work. Therefore, Smart Tuition also helps adult learners to find tutors for one-to-one business English lesson.

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