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New Blacklisted Email Domains

Posted by Smart Tuition Singapore on 30th August in email

We have found emails from the following domains in our spam folder within the past three months. * * * * * * * * * * * Obviously, we didn’t subscribe to any of their services, newsletters or spam. Therefore, we have decided to take a little bit of our time to add the […]


Spammer List Extended

Posted by Smart Tuition Singapore on 29th August in email

Our tuition agency‘s spam list has extended to include some domain and services. They are as following: These are the domain names related to spamming of our mailbox. In fact, they are all directed to our verification email address for tutors to submit their documents. […]


Many Yahoo Emails Are Being Compromised

Posted by Smart Tuition Singapore on 15th February in email

Hello all! Please note that since around yesterday, many Yahoo emails are randomly sending spam emails around. These Yahoo emails are believed to be hacked. The automatically generated emails contain no subject and the content is simply a weird URL with Germany (.de) and normal dot com (.com) domains. Please do not click on any […]


Tuition Agency’s Email Quota was Full

Posted by Smart Tuition Singapore on 26th February in email

Hey tutors! We would like to apologise for our email space was full just now. There are many enthusiastic <a href=””>home tutors</a> who are sending us their documents for verification purpose and thus the mailbox size has reached the limited of 1GB. Should there be a re-bounce of email from us for the day, we […]