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LIKE Our Tuition Agency Pages

Posted by Smart Tuition Singapore on 2nd November in calendar 2012

We have added “Chicklets” to the bottom of our tuition agency website’s pages. This is just one of the countless number of minor improvements on the website we have been planning for since months ago. What are these “Chicklets”? They are just some shortcuts to share the individual pages through the social networking sites, such […]


Selamat Hari Raya!

Posted by Smart Tuition Singapore on 30th August in calendar 2012

Smart Tuition Singapore would like to wish everyone a happy holiday. Do get a copy of our Printable Singapore Calendar Planner 2012 if you have not done so. It’s free!


Singapore Calendar Planner 2012 is UP!

Posted by Smart Tuition Singapore on 10th May in calendar 2012

Over the weekend, I had finally completed the Singapore Calendar Planner 2012. It had fallen far behind the schedule – I actually intended to finish it by end of February. There were too many unseen work to be done at the back-end of the tuition agency‘s website, which was the cause of the delay. I […]