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Prioritizing good tutors

Posted by Smart Tuition Singapore on 15th May and posted in Tuition Agency Announcements & Updates

In Smart Tuition, we appreciate good tutors. Good tutors are tutors who not only can teach, but also have good attitude and a certain level of intelligence. Unfortunately, we have very limited resource and thus we may not be able to attend to people who “need extra help”.

We are often overstretched by weird issues. For examples:

  1. Person A emailed us to change her email address. We changed it and updated her. About two weeks later, she emailed us using the old email and claimed she could not reset her password.
  2. Person B deleted her profile after going through a few clicks on pages that warned her that she could simply set her availability to “not available” and she could not register a new account again because every registration took up a lot of our resources to vet through and verify. A couple of months after deleting her profile, she emailed us for help because she could not register as a tutor.
  3. Person C emailed us to ask if a tuition assignment was available. We have stated in our website the availability of every assignment. There are many tutors applying for every assignment usually and thus it is impossible for us to respond to redundant questions.

There are many different weird problems we experience everyday and it is impossible for us to list out all the stories.

There are all kinds of internet users and we will not be hypocritical to claim that tutors who have signed up with us are all good. There are dishonest, “blur” and lazy people who are trying to get tuition assignments from us and thus we are trying our best to filter them. The ratio of job applicants to tuition assignments is extremely high and thus we have to focus on every assignment instead. Tutors who give us unnecessary problems are also tutors who are less capable in meeting the demand of parents.

Hence, we apologise if we are unable to attend to every email.


17000 Home Tutors

Posted by Smart Tuition Singapore on 14th February and posted in Tuition Agency Announcements & Updates

Our tuition agency is pleased to have reached the number of 17000 tutors, excluding those who have left and those who we have issues with their profiles.

Everyday, we are welcoming new tutors who are signing up with us and also facing some who have decided to move on to focus on other trades. Hereby, we would like to thank the ex-tutors who have both the EQ and IQ to log in and remove their profiles by themselves.

Tuition is a big market in Singapore, however, it is one of the most saturated markets as well. We do face lots of problems (including manpower) often and it is always a struggle to continue with what we have been doing. We put in extra effort such as doing document verification of tutors. We try hard to make sure the tutors are qualified and suitable for the students instead of just dumping a few candidates to the parents to select. To us, it is more than a business – the love and passion – otherwise, we could have worked as tutors instead, which is much more rewarding in term of income.

We have done up the website with all the basic features. Our tutors can choose to show their profiles (without private information) or not to the public. They are supposed to remove their profiles by themselves if they have decided to move on. Occasionally, we still receive requests by tutors to remove their profiles instead of them doing it by themselves. There are also a handful of tutors who have appeared to have a shock of their lives when they “suddenly realise” their profiles are displayed on the website (yes, without their contact details). Logically thinking, unless a tutor has a very unique name that nobody else in Singapore has or if he has chosen to upload a small photo of himself, nobody can confirm the profile belongs to him. Besides, we believe if someone does have a clear conscience, there is no issue of displaying the limited information on his personal profile on the website that he has chosen to display in the first place (and able to turn it off any time by himself).

Once again, we sincerely thank the ex tutors who have minimised problems (apart from wasting our manpower for going through the profiles and documents) before quitting the job that is helping the future generation. We hope your current jobs are satisfying and beneficial to the society as well.


Tricia is Out of Town

Posted by Smart Tuition Singapore on 14th June and posted in Tuition Agency Announcements & Updates

Hello! Just in case you are looking high and low for our dearest coordinator, Tricia, she is currently out of town.

She will be back on the 17th June.

In the meantime, if you are looking for a tutor, do use our web request form and our other coordinators will assist you.

Hope you are enjoying your June holidays!


Some Weird Problems that We have Encountered

Posted by Smart Tuition Singapore on 23rd February and posted in Tuition Agency Announcements & Updates


The number of tutors who have registered with our tuition agency has reached 16000 last month! This number excludes those who are being blacklisted or are still in our “holding” list due to problems with their profiles, pending their updates. It’s a known fact, especially to people who have been following us these years, that all our tutors have signed up on their own accords. In other words, we don’t buy database. We have also been updating about our tutor count regularly. Most of them find out about us through friends, Facebook, forums and Search Engines.

As mentioned before in our earlier posts, the growth of the number of registered tutors means that we will have more work to do. Since we don’t charge any administration fee for registration and document verification, our workload grows but not revenue. It’s inevitable to have a ratio of black sheep among the tutors who have tried to get tuition assignments from us.

Since Smart Tuition begins operation, we have so far encountered a handful of rude emails from ridiculous people who claim that they haven’t registered with us and yet their profiles are on our website. The latest one has registered with us around four years ago, probably when he was still studying in NTU. He has yet to log in although we still have the IP address he has used to sign up with us.

We have instructed new tutors on the registration page to not use their school’s email address to sign up with us. The main reason is that sometimes schools email servers may think that our registration confirmation email is a spam mail and blocks it. Besides, most of the schools don’t allow the tutors to retain their email accounts after their graduation.

However, some tutors still insist not to use their personal email addresses to sign up with us and thus giving us extra problems, such as not receiving the confirmation email with their password or having to update their email addresses. Some tutors are also signing up with random tuition agencies and thus don’t care about logging in. Eventually, most of these tutors would even forget that they have signed up with us before. We do occasionally receive emails to seek help in registration from tutors who are already in our database. All are welcome from a range of topics like tech, ai, marketing and any science field. One question we encounter often is,  how does artificial interlligence work? Tech savvy tutors please apply!

There are countless of other interesting problems we been facing regularly, which we may share in future posts. We will also continue to filter off bad tutors. Hopefully, everyone will have more ideas about the issues we have been facing and pardon us if we are too busy to assist you promptly.

Good night and hope your year 2016 is smooth so far!


2015 GCE ‘O’ level result release

Posted by Smart Tuition Singapore on 9th January and posted in Tuition Agency Announcements & Updates

The 2015 GCE ‘O’ level result release date is set on next Monday, 11 January 2016.

For the result release dates of PSLE, GCE ‘N’ level and GCE ‘A’ level, do visit We also do forecasting for the next result release dates, which you can find on the page.

Good luck to all the candidates!


2016 Calendar Planner

Posted by Smart Tuition Singapore on 4th January and posted in Tuition stationery and information

We hope all is well for the first day of schooling for year 2016. It is pretty difficult to get over from the long New Year holidays but we still have to face the new challenges.

What is most important is to do some planning for the rest of the year. While mobile phone app is common nowadays, there are always pros and cons to using of the electronic calendar. Perhaps, if you prefer something more physical, you should try using our free Calendar Planner. Just download it and print them out on A4 size papers.

Yes, it is totally free. There is only a small copyright on the corner to credit to us.

We think the Calendar Planner is useful and thus we have been working on them every year. It is a few hours’ of work on our side and perhaps, quite tedious, but we realise they are very useful to many people. All we ask is for everyone to share it with friends and whoever may need them.

We appreciate those people who have feedback and thank us for the calendars. We have no time to reply every email one by one (our focus is on our clients who needs tutors) but the emails are really comforting. Keep them coming in please!


GCE ‘N’ Level Result Release 2015

Posted by Smart Tuition Singapore on 17th December and posted in Tuition Agency Announcements & Updates

Today is the result release date for 2015 GCE ‘N’ level. We would like to wish all the candidates good luck!

For all GCE result release dates, do check out


PSLE Results Release for Year 2015

Posted by Smart Tuition Singapore on 21st November and posted in Tuition Agency Announcements & Updates

2015 PSLE results will be officially released on 25 November 2015.

Good luck to all the candidates and hope you will be able to get into the secondary school of your choice!

For updates on the results release dates for PSLE, GCE ‘N’ level, ‘O’ level , ‘A’ level, do refer to


2016 Calendar Planner and Calendar are Up

Posted by Smart Tuition Singapore on 30th September and posted in Tuition stationery and information

Hello people! Smart Tuition’s 2016 Calendar Planner and Calendar are up and ready for download!

For those who are not familiar with the calendars, the Calendar Planner is a monthly calendar that you can print (the months) individually to plan and write down your schedule physically while the normal calendar is a good physical reference. Both are properly aligned to make good use of the spaces and can be printed on A4 size papers and slotted into your files or folders.

We have spent hours working on the calendars and hopefully they are useful to you. If you find them useful, do help us to share them!


Unregistered Tutors

Posted by Smart Tuition Singapore on 3rd July and posted in Tuition Agency Announcements & Updates

Sometimes, we do have tutors who have unregistered themselves (deleted their own accounts) coming back and asking, “I couldn’t sign up as tutor. Please advice.”

The tutor may have registered two years ago and removed his own account eight months ago. He has even forgotten that he has signed up with us before.

Unfortunately, our tuition agency does not tolerate such tutors.

Firstly, the person seems to be absent-minded and may cause problems to us in near future. We also have doubts in how he can help students. Well, it actually takes a few clicks to delete their accounts and we have warned them on the page that they are not able to register as a tutor with us again.

Secondly, the person is obviously not dedicated in tutoring. Our parents are looking for long term tuition, unless otherwise specified, and we do not want any tutor to abandon the student any time.

Lastly, we do not have the time to entertain people (tutor-wannabes) who are wasting our time. It takes time and effort for us to go through all new and updated tutors’ profiles, and also verifying their documents. Therefore, with our limited resource, we will only focus on tutors who are truly sincere.

Of course, we are still trying hard to filter our tutor list, to reward the good tutors and blacklist the bad ones.

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