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Coding revamped

Posted by Smart Tuition Singapore on 12th September in Tuition Agency Announcements & Updates

We have recently made a lot of revamping to the codes in order to improve security. These changes won’t be reflected to visitors visibly. Since the project is a massive one that involves numerous scripts, there’s always chances that bugs would occur. Last month, we were informed by one of our tutors who tried to […]


Release of 2018 GCE ‘O’ Level Results

Posted by Smart Tuition Singapore on 8th January in Tuition Agency Announcements & Updates

The result for GCE ‘O’ level for 2018 will be released on next Monday, 14 January 2019. Good luck to all candidates! For the result release dates of PSLE, GCE ‘N’ level, GCE ‘O’ level and GCE ‘A’ level, you mean refer to


New Blacklisted Email Domains

Posted by Smart Tuition Singapore on 30th August in Tuition Agency Announcements & Updates

We have found emails from the following domains in our spam folder within the past three months. * * * * * * * * * * * Obviously, we didn’t subscribe to any of their services, newsletters or spam. Therefore, we have decided to take a little bit of our time to add the […]


Revamping of Website

Posted by Smart Tuition Singapore on 24th January in Tuition Agency Announcements & Updates

As more people are finding convenience in using smart phone, instead of laptop and desktop, to navigate through the internet, we see the need to make our website more mobile-friendly. Traditionally, internet users are used to use the scrollbar on the right side of the browser to scroll up and down when navigating through websites. […]


Prioritizing good tutors

Posted by Smart Tuition Singapore on 15th May in Tuition Agency Announcements & Updates

In Smart Tuition, we appreciate good tutors. Good tutors are tutors who not only can teach, but also have good attitude and a certain level of intelligence. Unfortunately, we have very limited resource and thus we may not be able to attend to people who “need extra help”. We are often overstretched by weird issues. […]


17000 Home Tutors

Posted by Smart Tuition Singapore on 14th February in Tuition Agency Announcements & Updates

Our tuition agency is pleased to have reached the number of 17000 tutors, excluding those who have left and those who we have issues with their profiles. Everyday, we are welcoming new tutors who are signing up with us and also facing some who have decided to move on to focus on other trades. Hereby, we would […]


Tricia is Out of Town

Posted by Smart Tuition Singapore on 14th June in Tuition Agency Announcements & Updates

Hello! Just in case you are looking high and low for our dearest coordinator, Tricia, she is currently out of town. She will be back on the 17th June. In the meantime, if you are looking for a tutor, do use our web request form and our other coordinators will assist you. Hope you are […]


Some Weird Problems that We have Encountered

Posted by Smart Tuition Singapore on 23rd February in Tuition Agency Announcements & Updates

Hello! The number of tutors who have registered with our tuition agency has reached 16000 last month! This number excludes those who are being blacklisted or are still in our “holding” list due to problems with their profiles, pending their updates. It’s a known fact, especially to people who have been following us these years, […]


2015 GCE ‘O’ level result release

Posted by Smart Tuition Singapore on 9th January in Tuition Agency Announcements & Updates

The 2015 GCE ‘O’ level result release date is set on next Monday, 11 January 2016. For the result release dates of PSLE, GCE ‘N’ level and GCE ‘A’ level, do visit We also do forecasting for the next result release dates, which you can find on the page. Good luck to all the […]


GCE ‘N’ Level Result Release 2015

Posted by Smart Tuition Singapore on 17th December in Tuition Agency Announcements & Updates

Today is the result release date for 2015 GCE ‘N’ level. We would like to wish all the candidates good luck! For all GCE result release dates, do check out

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