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11000 Tuition Tutors Approved

Posted by Smart Tuition Singapore on 15th April and posted in Tuition Agency Announcements & Updates, Tuition tutor

Last week, our tuition agency has reached the count of 11000 home tutor sign-ups, excluding those who are being blacklisted or placed in our holding list. They have all signed up with us through our website and we are proud of it.

We thank all the tuition tutors who have trusted us.

We do want to remind all tutors to read through our website carefully before signing up with us. We take the effort to go through each tutor profile manually with the help of our tuition system and thus every tutor should spend some effort filling up details during registration as well.

Before signing up as a tutor, every tutor should have read about our document verification procedure. We urge all tutors to read through the home tutor verification page before submitting any document to us in order to speed up process. We may not be able to contact every tutor when there is any rejected document.

Once again, thank you, dear tutors!


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