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Many Yahoo Emails Are Being Compromised

Posted by Smart Tuition Singapore on 15th February and posted in Tuition Agency Announcements & Updates

Hello all!

Please note that since around yesterday, many Yahoo emails are randomly sending spam emails around. These Yahoo emails are believed to be hacked. The automatically generated emails contain no subject and the content is simply a weird URL with Germany (.de) and normal dot com (.com) domains.

Please do not click on any of the URL even though the email is sent via your friend’s email address.

So far, all the emails are from Yahoo emails and it is known that hackers have been attacking Yahoo emails all over the world recently. However, we are not sure if non-Yahoo email users would be affected after clicking on the URLs.

If you have received such email as described, please inform the “sender” immediately before more internet users suffer from the hacking attempts.

Affected Yahoo email account owners should change their passwords immediately and notify all the contacts in their contact list or address book about such attack. We are not sure if the sent emails are being stored in the “sent folder” or similar places.

In fact, similar email scams have been circulating around since last year. As we have over 10000 tutors in our database, we are hit by the email spam from affected tutors. We have since last night notified some affected tutors. We will do another round of notification work at the end of the day. Hope our effort can help everyone.

For scam alert, you may visit website like Scams Singapore.


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