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Tutors to Use Web Form to Contact Us for Helps

Posted by Smart Tuition Singapore on 31st May and posted in Tuition Agency Announcements & Updates

It is good to hear from many people, including parents and tutors. However, our team has been struggling hard to handle all enquiries, and wearing ourselves out badly.

There is always a limit to what we can do to assist everyone – we have to accept the fact.

We have put up a few contact numbers of our coordinators on our tuition agency website but the coordinators are tasked to strictly handle only enquiries from parents in order to stay focused. Without the clients, no matter how many doubts and problems we can solve for the tutors, everyone will probably end up without tuition assignments.

There are currently more than 7500 approved tutors in our database with many interested tutors who have only signed up for our daily tuition assignments updates – we have many enquiries daily. Therefore, we hope all tutors will only contact us via the contact us form or email. This is the correct channel to get assistance from the webmaster or administrator – if you have any login issue with the website, no coordinator can help you. We have many tuition coordinators who will handle different tuition assignments, therefore calling the numbers stated on the website will give you no answer regarding any specific tuition assignment.

Do check the FAQ for most of the commonly asked questions by other tutors before you even try to contact us.

There are also some emails that we will probably not reply to as there are many obvious answers that can be found in our website. Tuition assignments that are listed inside our tuition assignments page are obviously available and clicking into the individual assignment shows the status. There are also some enquiries regarding status of document verification from some tutors who obviously have not read through the home tutor verification page.

We thank all tutors for your kind understanding. We appreciate and are working hard towards helping tutors who deserve it.



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