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Home Tutors Profile Status Updates

Posted by Smart Tuition Singapore on 22nd May and posted in Tuition Agency Announcements & Updates

One of the latest updates of Smart Tuition is the indication of individual home tutor’s status. After each home tutor logs into his/her account, the status can be seen.

There are currently four statuses – pending, holding, approved and blacklisted.

For a newly registered tutor, the status is “pending”. Once an “approved” tutor edits his/her profile, his status will be changed back to “pending” as well. Our administrators will look through every “pending” tutor profile before we approve it manually. A tutor with “pending” status may view his/her public profile after logging in as well.

Only “approved” home tutors will appear on our home tutors list for the public. Of course, the tutors can choose to hide their profiles from public listing.

Tutors in “holding” status should take note of their profiles and start making amendments. It could be due to some false information provided intentionally or unintentionally. We usually try to give chances to tutors by giving them the benefits of doubts.

For tutors falling in the “blacklisted” status, they have definitely violated some rules, such as dishonesty in their profiles or caused problems to the parents/students. In any case, we do not wish to work with them anymore because we have to answer with clear conscience to parents and students for our recommendation.

There are many more features we have to work on in order to help both parents/students and home tutors. We are trying very hard, although we are still far away from satisfactory. This is a never-ending project but we will not give up, and we hope people (parents, students, tutors) who worked with us will not give up on us as well if we have not done well enough in our service.



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