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Tuition Agency Updates for End March 2011

Posted by Smart Tuition Singapore on 31st March and posted in Tuition Agency Announcements & Updates, Tuition Assignments

Hi Tutors, Parents and Students!

Firstly, we would like to apologise for a “bug” in the login page for the past 2 days. In the midst of improving the website, we have missed out Internet Explorer, which does not follow exactly the standard internet W3C standards. We have been working hard on Firefox and Google Chrome and somehow neglected testing the website in Internet Explorer.

We have fixed the problem by trying out codes that can be accepted by all the three mentioned browsers.

FYI: The W3C, World Wide Web Consortium, is an international community that develops standards to ensure the long-term growth of the Web.

There is a new page about Integrated Programme in Singapore, which we have included in the website some weeks ago following the additional of a new field for tutors to indicate if they were from the integrated programme. We hope all tutors, parents and students who are not aware of the new education system in Singapore (implemented years ago) will get to know more about it. Most of all, we hope tutors who are going to or have already signed up with us will not update their profile wrongly. Take note that some parents demand for ex integrated programme students to tutor their children who are currently in the integrated programme and we do not want to waste anyone’s time due to wrong indication of educational experience.

We have improved on the verification of documents. Previously, as long as the tutor has sent us the softcopy of their identification card or certificate, we will update them in a single column in our database. This is problematic when more tutors have joined us. We are aware of the issue and have updated the system to separate the results of verification of both types of documents. We have spent days to do the updating of verification manually. Now, we are able to determine which tutors are verified completely. We are looking at further improving of the document viewing, which is impossible at the moment due to lack of manpower.

Following the release of individual tutor’s profile pages, we have also made changes around the tuition agency’s website. Tutors who update their profiles will be put away from the public view temporary until our administrators manually approve them. This will ensure a basic filtering of contents. We understand that not every home tutor would like his or her profile to be displayed to others, and there is an option to opt out. We have also included an option to indicate the availability of the tutors so that we will not contact the tutors whenever there is suitable assignment. We are looking at greater improvements that can help parents/students and the home tutors more.

The information showed on the individual tutor’s profile pages does not contain contact information. We do include the status of verification of documents inside.

Another highlight is the “Forget Password” feature. Registered tutors can now help themselves to reset their passwords any time. This has been long queued in our new features list and we have been busy working on other more important features, having to reset the passwords manually each time there is new request. Apparently, a tutor who wishes to reset his or her password has to go to the page and enter the email address, which has been used to register with us. A verification code will be sent to the email. The tutor has to key in the correct verification code in order to receive a new randomly generated password.

We have also improved on our administration pages for our staffs in order to assist all home tutors, parents and students better. Details will not be mentioned here since only our staffs can access the pages.

The latest improvement is a hooray for the tutors who are looking for tutoring jobs through our tuition assignments listing page. As our tuition assignments list expands, the page is lengthy and is messy for the tutors to look through. We have summarised the tuition assignments in a single table, which is certainly neater.

There are quite a number of major improvements and features we would like to work on. Please be patient with us. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused during future’s upgrade of the tuition website.


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