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Tuition Agency Updates for First Mid February 2011

Posted by Smart Tuition Singapore on 18th February and posted in Tuition Agency Announcements & Updates

Hey peeps! Our tuition agency has been working very hard on the administration side’s programming in order to help improving tuition assignments coordination.  There are many things yet to be done and many useful pages yet to be created. Be patient and you will get to see more updates in near future.

Though we are focusing hard on the administration side, there are also a couple of new pages that we would like to highlight on.

We have added a new article on “Teenage Dating” to show some of our views regarding the topic. If you have any opinion on it, do reply through commenting this blog post or simply drop us an email.

Next, we have added a “Our Friends” page. This is where we link to friends who have linked to us in their websites. If you are interested in doing links exchange with us, do link to us and let us know. However, we only accept quality websites and blogs – legal and not look like a spam site.



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  2. Management Classes – Increase on the information towards the better job | kkkbbbwwwkkkaaaqqq
  3. » Managing Lessons > Add In Your General Knowledge For A Good Job
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  5. Managing Classes : Add on the knowledge for the better career
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