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Home Tutor ID: 9804
Edmund (Goh)


Qualification verified: 'A' level

Home tutor - Edmund
Age: 27
Gender: male
Nationality: Singaporean
Race: chinese
Tutoring Experience:
8 years

Highest Qualification:
'A' level

Education History

NIE trained: No
Integrated Programme: Integrated Programme
Secondary School: River Valley High School
Junior College / Polytechnic: River Valley High School (Math, Chemistry, Physics, History)
University: National University of Singapore (Political Science & Sociology Dble M)
(Currently attending)
Results: NUS Bachelor of Arts Program:
CAP - 4.44/5.00

IP Results:
GPA: 3.8 out of 4.0

'O' Level:
A2 for Higher Chinese

A Level:
A for GP (in 2010 and 2012)
A for History
B for Physics
B for Chemistry


Minimal Expected Rate: $30
Student's Gender: No preference
Tutoring Location: Most West, West, Central/City, North West, East, Most East, North East
Teaching IP Students: IP only

Tutoring Subjects

Pre-School: -
Primary School: English, Maths, Science
'O' Level: A Maths, E Maths, English, History, Physics, Physics/Chemistry, Science (lower sec), Social Studies
'A' Level: General Paper (GP), History, Project Work
Polytechnic and above: -
Music: -
Foreign Language: -

Self Introduction

I am currently pursuing a Bachelors of Social Science DOUBLE MAJORS Program from the National University of Singapore (NUS) for Political Science and Sociology.
I am also a NUS Overseas College Scholarship Recipient.
I also come with life coaching experience and is well travelled having worked in Cambodia and India.

I graduated from River Valley High School Integrated Programme in 2010.

The main subjects I believe I can help best in are:

For Primary level, I specialize in EMS.
I have strong foundations in math, sciences and languages and have prior experiences coaching primary school students as a private tutor and as a volunteer. In the past two years, I have taught 3 primary six students in EMS and all have showed at least an two grade-point improvement in their results. One of my student who I taught for P6 science improved her result of 60s region to 80plus and even topped her class. Another of my student also obtained A for English for her PSLE.

For Secondary/IP level, I specialize in English, Math (A and E), Physics and History. I have taught three O level students in the past two years for English, History, Math and Physics. All my students have shown marked improvements in their results after imparting them not only the knowledge but also motivating them and equipping them with effective study skills.

For my final year exam during Year 4, I have gotten a GPA of 3.8 out 4 getting A for all my subjects. My grades were consistently good while having to manage with many of my CCA commitments.
As I am from a low income family, I have not enjoyed the benefits of a tution but instead took upon learning and studying myself with input from my kins and teachers.
Hence, I have developed my own studying techniques and imbued a strong foundation in the major subjects.

For A Level, I specialize in General Paper and History with experience in excelling with both of the subjects. In my NUS Double Majors program of Political Science and Sociology, I am well equipped in current affairs, social issues and contemporary debates.

I have gotten A for GP and History and B for Chemistry and Physics, improving drastically from my previous year results
Equipped with this experience and going against all odds, having to cope with my NS responsibilities, the marked improvement in my results have shown that I have managed to grasp the key components allowing us to excel in the A Level Examinations.
Thus, I will be able to share with you this experience and teach you the skills needed to improve on your current results and cope with A Levels at a holistic approach.

Results of major exams:
PSLE - 256 (w/ Higher Chinese)
'O' Level Higher Chinese - A2
HSK - Advanced Level 9
IP Year 4 exam - GPA 3.8 out of 4.0.
A Level GP - A, History - A, Physics - B and Chemistry - B.

Past Tutoring experiences include primary 3 and 4 students in all subjects and my past students got A for their English and Chinese.
Similarly, I do provide GP tuitions for JC students.

Personal Achievements:
DSTA JC Scholarship Award
Multiple CCA achievements and leadership positions in schools.

For proof of certificates and my school's official personal account of me, you can email me at the address provided above.I can provide you with the scanned relevant documents for verification.

∴   Registered: 09 Dec 2012 ↵   Last Login: 16 Jan 2015 ↵   Last Modified: 16 Jan 2015

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